A bit of a dump of feedback

Hi there, I want to start off with saying your game is amazingly fun and engaging. I am extremely happy I bought this game and that I had the chance to play it with friends. But I think the frustrating parts of the game starts rearing its ugly head at legend difficulty and I would love to provide feedback about that:

  • A lot of the talents that make different speccs even viable straight up don’t work, it is really frustrating to feel that you get maybe not forced into a specc but you can’t explain why you would want to play the alternatives when they don’t do anything better (kerrilan and bardin feel especially hampered by this). This doesn’t really matter on champion when you are not really caring about breakpoints or flexibility, but when it is 1 hit vs 2 or even 3 hits to kill a stormvermin it starts mattering on legend.
  • While I think this is not intentional, on legend specials spawns now come in pairs. Your patch note seemed to indicate you wanted to reduce special spawns and this now seems doubled.
  • I don’t know if this next one is intentional either but when bosses now spawn on legend they spawn with specials and a horde. I think either is fine but both seem overkill and a lot of times runs end because the specials spawned happen to include blight stormers (in a pair).
  • On the topic of bosses, troll is a huge outlier compared to all other bosses, did you intend to make him 10 times harder than everything else?
  • On the topic of specials, bugged specials firing through walls or across the map is insanely infuriating and requires you to save a sienna or kerrilan cooldown just in case it happens, or both because specials again now spawn in pairs.
  • Gas rats and Blightstormers are huge outliers in frustration to deal with, especially in pairs.
  • Silent packs or packs spawning right in front of you are run enders, please look into this.
  • Brighten up the mine, or I think everyone will keep playing with ambient lighting on medium.

Everything in here comes in mind during the 20 or so last legend runs that I played, the frustration comes from playing the game and having runs end because a bug, or because we got swamped with specials that we lack cooldowns to deal with that are out of range while fighting of a horde and a boss, or because someone couldn’t hear the chaos warrior pack and accidentally pulled them. I have had my monies worth, and its been a lot of fun. Please look into this because this is what bothers me and my friends at the most at the moment.