1.05 feedback and bugs

I played several legend games, beside the fact that i see i was doing less dmg, i think i didnt found any problem with it, and not a big difference, at least for sienna dagger. But what im tired is the absurd rng factor.

Sounds are bugged, you can hear a special from behind and then being attacked on front and viceversa. A lot of times you cant hear anything and being assaulted by a patrol or strangler/assassin and so on.

Blightstormes keep spawning outside the map and out of LoS, casting their whirlwind in the battlefield. They should cast only if in LoS

Gas, ratling and so on can still shoot behind wooden doors (like the big ones in halescourge map or the rat city in into the nest) and gas just go throw solid structure, like the walls in the first farm in against the grain.

I have not a problem with bosses+horde, but you should make them more fair. In against the grain you need the best luck to go over the first farm.

Special should spawn only in the real map of the game, not outside. Im pretty tired of seing pots of gas popping out from behind the house or mountain, and so on.

Patrols…at least put em in place you can avoid em, and fix their patrolling (many times they stucks or separate)

Add some footsteps sound. So you can be aware of the big armored guy in the back with the giant axe that is trying to cut you in 2

Pu the rng in some way that is always manageable if well played. As it is now, even if the team plays good, you can be wiped by a bad combination of specials or timing with horde/bosses/patrols.

Fix the thing with chars stack eachother. I often see ppl that are unaware they are on the same spot, and just FF eachother and then start to cry like crazy when the fact is that its not their fault, but its the bad design of inexistent collision the real problem.

In the end you cant increase a difficult only by put in more random specials and bad rng, thats not a challenge, thats luck/unluck. A challenge is something you need to beat, but you need a realistic way to beat it, not just luck.

I just find that they’re taking out what made Vermintide 2 more fun than Vermintide 1. The hecticness. You want to feel strong in increasingly harder situations, barely making it out in time. Its seems like they just want it to turn into a slogfest now.

Here some more things I found and/or are still present till the beta and not fixed (im not including the first list i made here):

  • Career skill of every type (buff one too) doing FF dmg. A party buff shouldnt do FF dmg or dmg himself (bardin im looking at you)

  • Huntman F still got visual bug after use, sometimes your screen will remain with luminosity increased

  • reds illusion are basic skins with runes on it usually, while others, like swift bow, came with normal illusion on it

  • cosmetics should be unique. They are rare, and dropping 3 of the same type was a bit disappointing

  • Sometimes there are enemies inside or near the skittergate portal, causing wipe during transition

  • I want my pyro F skull back :stuck_out_tongue:

I will add more if i find something else

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