Vermintide 2 gimmicks

This is my first warhammer/vermintide game, and from my experience playing other similar games, despite being very enjoyable, it still is unnecessarily buggy and some features aren’t very well thought. I am going to address some of those features and will include bugs here for the devs to hopefully check as well.

1 - Naturally the most concerning thing, especially for legend players, is the randomness and proximity of spawns. This is a very big issue. Makes the game frustratingly random or unnecessarily easy at times. Hordes and patrols, should definitely not spawn on top or in the near vicinity of players. The spawns themselves, despite being random and buggy are not extremely hard. Good teamwork is enough to dispose of them. But hordes coming while bossfighting or them spawning right on top or in the next room as you is just bad design.

2 - After the most pressing matter at hand that troubles a lot of players, comes the bugs part. Since the game is very new this is naturally expected and luckily the devs showed enough care to start fixing them. Wanted to include the ones I came across just in case. Conversational bugs and the such are not included since they don’t have that great an impact on the game and should be left as they are until the more pressing ones are fixed first.

  • The most notorious one, getting randomly stuck. I believe adding the command stuck or the like to the console might fix the issue, or perhaps adding collision size to the heroes, the way it has been done in L4D for example. I do not know much about development, these are just some suggestions from the features I came across while playing similar games.

  • Everyone randomly disconnecting from the host at times. I do not know why this happens, I believe it is not caused by the internet connection failing or the such. It probably won’t even be a thing when dedicated servers arrive.

  • Still not properly switching weapons, even after the update. Especially true for drakefiregun.

  • Bots literally disappearing or becoming “dead” as a player is joining. This should be "Click to play as " after someone joins. Just like, you guessed it, L4D.

  • Despite happening only once to me, sometimes bosses “spawn”, in that you can hear them move and the various sounds they make, but do not actually spawn and their health bar will be missing. This prevents you from progressing further as green fumes block your path further on, implying that you need to kill the boss. Don’t know if this is fixed already, added here just in case.

3 - After the most important ones that I found come the, in my opinion, poor design choices that reduce the “enjoyability” of the game. I believe these are not intended features and were just overlooked since the devs were not looking at it from the players’ point of view.

  • Hook rats being able to hook you through a horde of creatures and being able to drag you out of the normally impassable flesh wall. Their speed should also be reduced after they have hooked, in order to compensate for their ability to incapacitate players. A good example of this might be Jockey from L4D2.
    This one is the one that frustrated me the most and I am sure many players will agree with me.

  • Shielded stormvermin have almost infinite stamina and are much more powerful compared to their speared counterparts. To the point of it being extremely annoying. After you hit em 4 - 5 times they instantly are able to block again. Very frustrating.

  • Other specials’ behaviors should also be tweaked in my opinion. Sometimes they fixate on 1 hero and completely ignore others, especially when engaged in close combat. A gas rat might completely ignore a player that is mauling it and try to keep walking toward another one that is far away.

  • Patrols should not spawn in confined spaces. What are they patrolling there? Bookshelves that are 2 meters apart? I also think they should be thinner and more frequent, possibly making them fairer and making players watch out for them more.

As I’ve said, except the bugs part, these are just personal opinions, coming from me and most of the fellow players I have played with. All in all, I think this is a great game with a huge potential that will be improved even more. Adding more traits and properties to items and an increase in variety might make this game even more enjoyable for example. This was my first thread here. Hope you enjoyed reading it and hopefully some devs will come across it and tend to the issues listed here.


I love your post because you make some good comments without at all coming off as whiny.

Obviously all the bugs are just that - bugs that REALLY need to be fixed.

I agree about the hook rats - they should have to slow down a bit, it can be extremely hard to catch up without some kind of speed boost.

Shieldvermin are also just . . . a real annoyance in their current state. Facing two is a nightmare unless you are one of the two characters who can kit out to beat them easily - Saltzpyre with the Flail or Slayer Bardin with Dual Axes.

Patrols share the same potential spawnpoints as bosses, I believe. Both seem . . . kind of weirdly picked. Getting a boss or a patrol in many tight, narrow areas is just awful. This was a thing in VT1 as well, but for patrols not as bad - they could face spawn, but it was extremely rare and usually there was a good hiding spot somewhere nearby.

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Thank you for your kind words. Of course there are many other bugs as well. Buggy ledges, ladders, wallhacking rattling gunners et cetera. And the conversation bugs. I just hoped I could raise a bit of awareness to the bugs and overlooked aspects of the game.

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Hookrats have been like this since vmt 1. Don’t expect any changes. You’ll have to learn how to deal with them.

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Yeah, you are likely right. Maybe they tested them slower and found them trivialized or something. But it would make sense logically and seems reasonable.

wow, i actually think that all the points you have listed are points that make the game FUN for me.

hookrats dragging people thru hordes - that’s their thing, that’s the danger, and u gotta watch out for it, same bombs or ults!

shielded stormvermin can only block, otherwise most builds will be able to mow through everything, especially arrow builds. it’s GOOD game design imo, adds diversity to builds and how you engage mobs.

a gasrat caught in melee range is a dead gasrat anyway, you could think that it’s trying to give a last good lob before it dies.

patrols spawning in confined spaces - that just adds more tactical options for gameplay. bombs? flame throwers? bottleneck for tanks? good stuff.

I can see your point when looking at it that way yes. I still stand by my thread in this aspect though. Yes it is a different game so it might not be fair to keep comparing it to others. I just thought the points I included in my thread would make the game smoother, better and harder or easier where they need to be.

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