A few point I wanted to point out

Actually I’m pretty happy with the state of the game as it is.

I’ve written my review around its release

And, lo and behold, like 80% of the negative stuff from it is gone:
  • Unstable ping can be eliminated by hosting your games (I’ve not joined a single game since early 2019);
  • Intros can be skipped (thank you mods), after game ranking can be almost skipped. It significantly improves the time you spend playing the game and reduces idle time.

Well, you can still hit (and get hit) through the walls, but I try not to abuse it too much.

Still, I’d love to see a couple more things:

  • Can we get an actual toggle (in the menu) to skip the after match screens - I do not want to see them at all - I’m sure that a lot of veteran players feel the same;

Banter between the characters is wonderful. It livens up the gameplay and brings the characters to life. It is awesome that FS keeps introducing new conversations. By the way can someone confirm it, because I’m sure that new lines are introduced quite often?
Still one issue with the banter in the keep: you either have to start the mission and cut it short, or wait till it is over, thus not prolonging the time you’re not slaying rats, which is a negative.
What I would really love to see: if the dialogues starts running in the keep, it should just carry over to the loading screen - an easy solution. I hope it is technically feasible.

J̶e̶s̶u̶s̶ ̶C̶h̶r̶i̶s̶t̶Sigmar, can we please just skip the launcher too? So many times I click the game and go get a cuppa tea while the game loads to come back to see the smug launcher!

All in all - ty to FS for letting us to eradicate heresy for such a long time.

Sigmar be praised!

Oh yeah!

An additional thank for the bastard sword. It quickly became the favourite weapon for GK.
I love it for its fluidity of movements - the ability to perform different swings without block cancelling (not a big fan tbh).
It helped my to embrace weapons like Spear & Shield for Handmaiden and improve handling of Sienna’s fire flail.
I’d really love to see similar improvements to other weapons.

How would you solve the issue of going into modded realm?
How would you solve the issue of adjusting settings,e.g: dx12/dx11.
How would you change mod orders?
How would players, that aren’t active on the forum or steam, know when a new poll is available, that they sometimes show on the right side of the launcher?

You can press return to keep button. It takes less time then speeding up the loot part i’m pretty sure.

Also why do you not want to see stat screen? Doesn’t waste alot of time, actually shows info not like loot screen, doesn’t take a long time to skip. I’m honestly fine on how it is.

How about if scoreboard wasn’t shown automatically, but you could toggle it, or press a button to see it. That way you wouldnnt have to see it at all, while players who like to see it, can see it.

Like all games do - in the graphics menu?
Frankly IMHO you can count on fingers games which still use launchers for graphic settings.

I don’t say that we should burn the launcher for Sigmar’s holy glory.
How often do you do these things? I’ve been to modded realms like once since launch. I have switched the mod order once - it was when I installed them.
That’s 2 times I really needed the launcher. Do you know how many times I saw it when I didn’t need it. Approximately 700 times.
I think that most players don’t use modded realm (that often) and don’t tweak mods like every day.

Now the poll argument is more valid I’d agree. However there are more, better ways to implement it. Why not stick the link into the shilling shop? I’m pretty sure you can do it. I don’t think that keeping players from killing rats by polls is the optimal solution. Like right now, during the halloween event we have a nice notification crawler on top of the loading screen - it is excellent. It gives you something to read and does not hold over the slaying rats for Sigmar business. That’s how it should be done: add crawler for a poll, stick a link into shilling shop.

Besides I don’t argue for the launcher to be removed. I think it is the same as with the scores. I have seen it many-many hundreds of times. There’s no benefit for seeing it any more. Whereas I believe that implementing all my suggestions would be better for the game, it might require the resources which might be allocated some other place with better returns. However can we pretty please have a viable option to just skip the launcher…

Ehm… You do know that it’s like leaving the game?

I want a real Ubersreik 5, not 4. It is matter.

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Yeah! I’d love to see them implement 1-5 player matches. I want bots gone!
However we’re not seeing it. Too much work I guess.

Well, I’ve been using the “no launcher workaround” since it was released with no problems. I can still open the launcher if I need to go to modded or alter the settings. I was using it because STEAM wouldn’t recognise when the game was closed and would still have running next to VT2 even when it wasn’t - it meant I couldn’t start the game again so I binned the launcher and it works fine.

Having a launcher seems a little outdated, but there’s no problem having it I don’t think.

Um… There’s no launcher workaround for V2?

Yes, there is.

Right click Vermintide 2 in Steam Library
Click Properties
Select Betas
Click on drop down menu
Select temporary_launcher_workaround

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Ok seems fair.

It doesn’t matter how often you need it. Needing it once is enough reason for it to be a way to access it.

Yea thats a good solution. Letting people know on loading screen when something new is available, + shilling shop.

So like an option ingame to skip it or enable it? Not sure how you would be able to fix choosing modded realm etc. Games with multiple versions do use a launcher.

Yes. It makes you return to the keep.

But I want my experience and reward! :smiley:

Ah, yeaah, I kinda forgot about it cause it makes you work almost as hard as giving the launcher another click.
My issue with this method is that you cannot launch the game from the steam icon in the tray. You have to open your library, click the play option, click the version of the executable you want to run… Lots of clicks… Sigmar does not approve!
I’d loove to have an optionally skippable launcher.
People! I do not want to take your launcher away from you. I just want to not see it every time I start the game…

I set it up once and then click “play” and it launches the game. I don’t have to keep going into the properties and setting it as launcher workaround. I have to change it back if I want the launcher though so if you’re in modded realm a lot it’s probably best to just have the launcher.

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I’ve tried it and sadly it does not work for me this way. I have to choose the version of the game, so, basically it is the same number of clicks as with the launcher…