1.05 Feedback, do you love it?

Just done legend run after 1.05… and I cant say I like it.

What I like:
-Enemies now require more swordplay, since some weapons cannot faceroll like before, thats OK, I like this change.

What i disike:
With: “On Champion and Legend, the Director will less frequently spawn hordes and specials while the players still are engaged with enemies.”

Because upper patch note qote:
-Maps now feels empty
-I Have feeling like im playing WoW dungeon instead of V2
-Evrything is so predictable, this just not fit in V2, surival games shoudnt be predictable
-Intensity of game decreased
-No more unpredictable situations to really test your skills
-Enemies are now incapable to cook you a fun random situations
-I must say maps now feels slightly boring
-Your run feels so straightfoward, maps feel same when you repeat them.
-I dont feel like enemy hunting me anymore, now I feel like im hunting them (which is exactly what surival game shoud NEVER EVER become)

I think they will need to consider this change, or make above legend dificulty, part of me alredy know current game situation wont hold me for long.


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I’ll bite.

Just done legend run

What’s your sample size? This is singular… 1 game really?

-Maps now feels empty
-No more unpredictable situations to really test your skills
-Enemies are now incapable to cook you a fun random situations
-I must say maps now feels slightly boring
-Your run feels so straightfoward, maps feel same when you repeat them.

Many of the items in your list are the same and are merely rewritten using different language.

I don’t want a nerfed Legend difficulty either, but give stats and numbers as that’ll help Fatshark make changes.


good step in the right direction , i think they pulled back on the power scaling a bit too much the big elites are still very fragile .

but having most classes at least work is great.

now time to do some serious balance work !

I mean sadly people constantly complained about legend and champ being too hard. So they prolly played it safe. Still we’ll have to THOROUGHLY test and see.

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Guys…did you ever play Tetris ?

Best experience of tetris is when you reach high level and those bricks begin to fall fast, this really test your skills… you see today V2 lose that part.

Surival game in which players feel like hunters and enemy hunted is not surival game. Go play deer hunter than really… I just fear this game can become boring with those new changes. Current patch will bring fun indeed for some people, but this fun will be very short, and you will see. This game is suposed to be RNG no predictable dungeon run.

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Yes, Tetris was really a good Survival Co-Op game!


Don’t panic after literally a few hours. This is the first stage in a process of balance.

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Thats not my point, I just want to compare tetris to tell you how RNG can spice game up and brew you insane amount of fun. Evry step toward diminishing RNG is bad. U deserve statue near sigmar how nicely you concluded that tetris is not co-op game, actuly, there is few coop versions :stuck_out_tongue: but not orginal one

[quote=“BizarreSalp, post:7, topic:21281, full:true”]
Don’t panic after literally a few hours. This is the first stage in a process of balance.[/quote]
Maybe you right but, what I currently seeing is not good, and thats whats I reacting.

Yes, it can. It also cannot. RNG can be good, it can be bad. In Tetris, it can be good (even though if you look at high level tetris players, it doesn’t really bother them and even within the rng, they know the probabilities pretty well), in VT2 it can be good. RNG in the form of exciting challenges, it is good. In the form of just spamming you with stuff, it is not. Or when stuff spawns directly behind you.

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I have quite the oposite opinion. I had a game on righteus stand where we had 3 blightstormers spawning in arena before elevator. Countless ammounts of Leeches… at least you can kill them with the headshot dmg.

Had also empire in flames map. Chaos Spawn, Horde and 5-6 specials at the damned gate.

There is a difference betwen a random challanging content and random patrols spawning on top of you. Just my 3 cents on the topic


Meaning? Spawns still bugged. Hell yeah!

Well I mean they were making major system changes, at some point they only have so many resources. But honestly their next step to fix needs to be that spawn bug if it still exists along with more fine tuning of balancing.

That being said, I’ve seen bugs that defy 100+ hours of troubleshooting. Sometimes bugs just don’t want to be fixed lol, it’s usually not as easy as “fix eet now” and bamf it’s done. The fact bugs are such a PITA is literally why I have my current job atm :D.


i love it. i actually can trust my glaive swings to connect every single time again (i’m actually quite surprised at how much i had adapted to the phantom swings, i have to urge to block cancel almost every strike still in anticipation of a phantom swing)

this means i can capitalise on being once again confident in melee, going back home to vt1 roots of handling hordes or hard targets with extreme passion.

the power scaling and stagger chances are huge though, it requires me to reevaluate almost every aspect of the game and weapons. it’s like a whole new game to me honestly - means i don’t get bored!


I feel the same, I haven’t played it enough to say anything for sure but so far no complaints. I know there will be more balance changes after this, so all the people throwing tantrums need to just chill the f*** out, articulate their thoughts in a nice fashion, and let the process happen.

Those bugs didnt appear in the beta. As sounds bugs that i see since 1º weeks of 8 march after release that were fixed in the beta.

All you say its really beautifull. Life is hard not easy. In my sector, if your customers are not happy they will leave you unless you treated them really good, and you reward them in some way depending on how much did they help you because of volume and because of your relationship.

Bugs been hard to solve is not an excuse for me. They sold 500.000 copys in first 4 days as they say. Allready pased a month. Well, this monday will be an exact month. Im seeing new bugs each time the make new patchs. Still dont see a reasonable way to report bugs inside game but commming to the forum. And this is not anymore a beta.

Testers for free. With no real tools. No numbers even on console to see what happen.

For me a long etc… With a “final” product. And Season Pass comming rofl…

Anyway… Programming being hard doesnt justify anything after release.

Considering it has meant most of my enemies take at least 1 more hit than normal on Legend, no, I don’t love it. I understand it was needed, but it has made quick play Legend considerably harder.

OPs comments about barren maps are overblown. I’m still getting concurrent hordes, bosses, and specials on legend. My guess is you just had a lucky run.

So far of 1.05 I like:

  • Great effort towards creating transparency (thank you for your time @Ratherdone)
  • Effort to move away from ranged meta, even if it failed.
  • Attempt to make weak classes and talents relevant.
  • Phantom swing fix.
  • Alleged increase in red drops.


  • Skittergate still in the quickmatch pool.
  • Deeds still not really wortwhile.
  • Some weapons broken by the new power scaling.

lol u sly fox

drastically increased, mind you!

300 power cap items in veteran ??? Why play Champion !!
Don’t want Hero Power progression in the game ??? !!
Heavy increase in Veteran item droprate. Kinda defeats the purpose of the ‘rare drop’. !!
Friendly Fire is not dangerous any more ?? !!

I think the difficulties were good as they were, theyre supposed to feel punishing and stil with the 300 cap on champion.

Easy games loses interest!

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