"The AI director will now wait longer between spawns of coordinated special enemy attacks."


I don’t see specials there, just two bosses and some elites with the rats, so I think the topic might be addressing the wrong issue. Nasty luck, still.

The patch notes also tell you something about what “coordinated attacks” mean in the context of the AI Director.

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Wow… lets see here…

A Troll + a Chaos Spawn + SVs or maybe what looks like a Chaos Patrol.

Yeah that’s a little overly insane. The Spawn engine is out of control again.

But I admit the Legend level Spawns are seriously out of hand at this point. There have been some games where we kill 3 Specials, then another 6 will appear.

One game today we killed 2 gas rats behind the party, and one flamer in front… which took out the other 3 people (this was during a Horde mind you), and a gunner spawned as I went out the front door, waited… killed him… ran and jumped down the cellar (Empire in Flames) tried to get to my party to revive them… and a Flamer + Gunner + Gas Rat spawned and jumped into the Cellar, I ambushed them around a corner but clan rat hit me from behind and killed me.

It was like… wait now… seriously?

Yeah that’s overdone.


Thats because you 90% of the time you cant see disablers until they spawn right on you.
Iirc there was a couple leeches and a blight.

I do have to admit. Your picture made me lol. Sorry, it’s just so much death in one picture xD how can anyone deal with that level of insanity? My condolences to you sir. I am sure they will eventually get it balanced out, but dang. That’s armageddon levels of nope

is kiting one boss all the way up til another boss spawns really proof of the spawn director going wacky?

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Should a boss spawn while another one is still alive be possible in any circonstance ?
To be precise, the chaos spawn spawned at the cave, which is barelly one room away from this one, where the troll spawned. Yes it is wacky.

The mischievous side of me wants to suggest that this is a single coordinated attack, so the update isn’t wrong. :laughing:

Yes, that is working as intended. The director does difficulty spikes by queuing up several specials at the same time on legend, one after another after the special slots are full. It isn’t supposed to do that as much on champ and below though.

Naw… this was 7 specials in the space of one minute. While I get that sometimes you’ll get specials during a horde… I literally killed the last gunner… and ran across the courtyard to the cellar when 3 more spawned. That’s how fast they spawned one on top of the other. It means there were literally more Specials than there were ambient mobs in that segment.

I KNOW that’s not intended.

they have multiple spawn locations per map, so if you’re running by one and skipping ahead it makes sense you could trigger another.

The max spawn limits for specials are 3 or 4 at a time on legend, and while specials are in play the spawn timer for specials still ticks, queuing up the next specials to spawn. This is intended behavior as said by the devs.

What difficulty were you trying to play at?

When i see how fast some range classes kill such bosses, i understand that on legendary those things happen.
I apreciate if legend is meant to be the hardest thing on earth, where people have to play together and mostly with voice communication and building their talents arount the group they have made.
But did they say, Legend is meant to break our souls !? =)

But still : WOW right in the Dongliz

I agree, there is a problem. Specials off mapp and specials spanwed on you must be also calculated… already without these problems, spawn frequency could be more fair.

At some point the small horde of specials just becomes a tedium to fight instead of something that mixes up the game once in a while.

Yeah that’s really what the problem is…

Specials are turning out to be just as common as ambient mobs. I know this isn’t the way it was intended. This is overdone.

I swear I’m fighting specials 80% of the time rather than just 10%… its just that bad. If they really wanted it this way then get rid of the Hordes and Ambient mobs and just fight specials all the time.

Because that’s what it feels like at this point.

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