Don't worry guys, disabler specials were reduced

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I have seen much worse XD

How about 2 assassins, a leech and a chaos spawn?

Or 2 packmasters, 1 assassin, 1 gasrat and a horde.

You are truly a legend if surviving Legend at times.

To be exact, the CHANCE of the director queuing up multiple specials to throw at you at one time (as intended by the devs) was reduced, not the amount of disabler specials. I don’t see any issue here.

The issue is that getting
Boss+Horde+2-3 CW+off screen gas rat + 2 hookrats+ assassin+lich and all this th*t in very narrow place is possible.

Welcome to legend. Learn and plan for it.

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It’s pretty much beyond quickplay group power to salvage this. And i srsly doubt many full premades would be able to handle it.

It IS supposed to be the hardest difficulty after all. Only issue atm is that too many newbies are in legend who are unable to survive long enough on their own.

Dou you even play in Legend? This situation is salvagable only with 4 man premade and perfect position for defense. Which can be achieved like in 1 out of hundred cases this stuff happends.

Minibosses are triggered when you arrive in specific spots, so you can pick when you want to engage them. Hordes are on a timer so you know roughly if you are going to get another horde. Specials are also on a timer but gets tricky when the director queues them up. CW are ambient mobs so either kill or don’t aggro them or have someone who can take them out fast. Learning how to avoid such situations is half the battle.

Other half is learning how to most efficiently take out the different threats and in which order. Bosses can be solo kited while the rest deal with the situation. It is very difficult but possible to salvage such situations. I’ve run into pubs that occasionally are able to do that. They also usually are not playing meta either.

And yes, I play legend almost all the time now. V1 vet with 1k+ hrs. I’m nowhere near the top in terms of skills but I can see that most situations are salvageable given that everyone knows what they are doing. Get on your mic and raidcall if no one else is doing it, it helps tremendously.

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For gods sake dude. I know how salvage this situations, but sometimes due to random it becomes impossible. Like literally impossible. You are not the only one who plays legend only. But sometimes it’s impossible to survive. I know when party wipes due to our mistakes it’s like 99% of deaths but 1% is completly impossible to win.

Well said. Most “total rng nightmare” wipes that I’ve had could have been prevented from even happening with smarter play and better positioning.

There’s two different areas of skill for this game: mechanical and tactical. I think a lot of players focus too much on their mechanical skill - stabbing things, dodging, landing headshots, weapon combos, and so on. These things are needed for legend, but tactical skill is also necessary! Things like positioning and prioritizing special removal before advancing and having one person kite the tank while others horde clear, not wandering off (always have an exit buddy)! I think one under-rated tactical skill is knowing when to let a downed teammate die. I see a lot of players get themselves killed in a heroic attempt to rescue a downed teammate when they already have a huge mob of their own to deal with… 1 person dying is still better than 2 dying.

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This was just a champ run while I was leveling kruber. I was surprised about it because it happened in champion and I still have yet to see this happen in legend.

Yup, and that 1% of the time is a learning experience for git gud. Sometimes rng can really screw you over but like you said it is really rare and unfortunate. Just try to survive as long as possible for solo survival experience and sometimes you just might be able to clutch it out and get to the portal.

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