Legend difficilty too easy now

me and some friends were doing legend runs last night did 5 in a row with out any challenge,it felt as easy as a walk in the park.

before it felt like you had to call out the mobs that spawn because of how quickly they could over whelm you,
from what i could tell it seems like the damage from the rats might have been nerfed but im not sure because we had a kruber knight in our group and i was running ironbraker.

i also noticed there were not vary many armoured or special spawns until the last lag of the maps then they were flying at us left and right but had no issues dealing with them all, along with the countless stormvermin, and this all depends on the map too, some were even easyer than others .

and from time to time we would get a wave but it would be real short and many in my party were left confused and wondering…was that it??.

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Do you not understand what RNG is? You probably just got lucky with AI spawns. Man, people will cry about anything and everything these days.


thats the thing my power lvl and everything is still the same as it was the past week i was playing legend the night before and the spawns were diffierent and it was much harder FS ninja nerfed legend i could tell because it was not the same the next morning

I don’t think they’ve nerfed legend difficulty. Not enough people there yet for them to have reason to do so. What you and your friends have done is completed the game, you did it enough times for it to become normal. Time for a new game I guess.

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