Well that made legend difficult again!

i like the original idea dont gate (strictly) the difficulties let people pick where they want to play .

trouble is you then go and add a bunch of weapon skins requiring all the boss kills on legend. and add in an event that also requires legend play.

so everyone is spamming legend QP rather than those ready for it choosing to move onto it.

and obviously when people are doing something becuse they want the loot not because they are capable of it the quality of the game goes through the floor and the frustration goes through the roof.

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I had a similiar experience last night lol.
I was trying to get a group together for Fortunes but I was not able to get four people together.
Me and a mate decided to queue the last four Lord maps we needed to finish up our last DLC weapon skins.

Had a Saltz join us and stick with us for all four maps.
Constantly going down etc…
After last map he says thanks for carry and then left with his red illusion for Axe and Falch.

Its nice having new people dip their toes into Legend.
We had a really good time with him/her last night!

It’s not a problem, it’s a challenge! Legend is no fun when everyone is a pro. It’s too clinical.


Today booted a handmaiden who first took grimoire, and some time later he dropped, got picked up, healed, dropped again, healed again rinse and repeat and near the end of the map he dashed into 2 stormvermin, lost and died for good before anyone could intervene. We lost the grim (just before the bridge to final event on Convo), he got kicked after completing 75% of the map :slight_smile: I don’t have mercy when it comes to incompetent people picking up important items (and he managed to get the grim simply because he was faster 2 guys were following closely).
Carrying such people is a mistake.

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I far beyond the point where loot really matters anymore so I can take such things far more chill and really like to show off the ability to deal with all the shiet they pulled. :laughing: Untill the game decides that I could really need a monster and/or 3-4 disablers now on top of everything already present.


Only kick griefers, rude people, and of course Elfs.
That last bit was a joke


It’s a feature. It’s called unknown “deed modifiers” without extra rewards. I guess the QP bonus can be called a deed reward :smiley:


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