Standard Legend is much harder than pre WoM

FYI Fatshark, you are about to have a big problem on your hands.

You made standard legend much much much harder than it was prior to WoM. I used to carry people easy, was involved in a 3 man DWONS of skittergate recently.

Can’t carry current Legend. Good luck with the launch. This feels like an extremely major mistake.


Despite the dramatic tone, I came to confirm that the current legend is indeed far more difficult. I’m not sure this was intended.
On the top of my mind, special spawns are all over the place (It’s like we’re playing seek & destroy modifier constantly), temporary hp is now a dream and hordes being more fast to attack make them more dangerous fast (they can attack you during a push attack, because the untouched rat came to replace the staggered one and start is attack pretty fast)


no comment on the current state i have only played one game of it so far.

but 1 person being able to carry legend was plain wrong. you only have to see how many people are on here complaining about the game being too hard to carry legend solo now to see just how normal it had become.

frankly im glad thats over it wasnt healthy , 1 decent player in a legend game and it became trivial a competition to get to the enemy first , now maybe it will be a team game again.

sounds like your heading int he right direction FS


Oh I’m kinda neutral in this. It’s just that Fatshark itself says they wanted the legend experience to remains largely the same, and it’s not “the same” currently. I do like difficulty, and I probably needs to play more to adapt to the changes.


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I agree that Legend does feel harder now than before. But I also don’t think it’s an issue than requires dramatic comments about it. Why? Well…

One part is that again, Legend is balanced for full Hero Power. We don’t have it at the start; the new levels give 50 more Power and that makes a difference.

Another thing is that there are new mechanics and new enemies to deal with, which takes getting used to. I already noticed a clear difference with the few hours I got in last night; it’ll be far greater when I reach level 35.

So play a while longer, until you get the new full levels and get used to the new things. The reassess the situation. Knee-jerk reactions are discouraged in feedback; this seems like such.


I feel @Yzneftamz has the right of it, a buddy and I did some legend last night and it was not that much harder then live legend when your level 35.

Dark Omens however is crazy hard on legend but I feel that’s because it’s easy to get surrounded and the level is 90% beastmen.

And to be honest the higher difficulty is a welcome change.


The higher difficulty was intended for Cata.

People that were farming reds will not like it.

I’m not one of those people, but I did not expect to be wiping on legend. I cant remeber the last time I wiped on legend prior to WoM, it was borderline impossible. I only won like 50 percent last night. I can imagine teams that are playing without someone that was an expert at the game are doing.

I’m not an expert anymore (which is crazy to me), but in some cases I was doing 500% (literally 500%) more damage than everyone that was in QP last night and I was having a hard time getting through. Good luck with launching that.

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I don’t mind the game being more difficult, I really don’t. But there has to be a line between being challenging and excessive.

Right now Legend at lvl 30 feels closer to Cataclysm during the closed Beta than it should.

Edit: yo, disregard this comment it’s dumb and a knee jerk reaction to change. Legend is fine, it’s just tweaked for lvl 35


It’s not really a knee-jerk reaction, though, when the things people are reacting to are the same things that were present in beta 2, only perhaps slightly more polished. The things many of us hated in the beta just feel more set in stone now.

The point about full hero power is a valid one, but there’s really no excuse for FatShark adding levels and making everyone replay content just to re-unlock talents they’ve had for a year already. They done goofed in so many ways on this.


Huh. I did at least 6 Legend maps last night. All Lord maps to unlock Cata. Did a few twice for some people.
Only wiped once on into the nest.
For me it just felt slightly harder than live.
I think it’s in a pretty good place.
Dark Omens is definitely challenging even on Legend.

That being said…we did not complete one single Cata run last night.
Had a decent amount of Cata completions during the previous betas.
Maybe we were getting tired. It was getting quite late.

Edit: How has sickomode not been banned? Constantly calling people out and just being rude.

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Yeah most wipes were on dark omens too, but thats the joke. I also did the lord maps, but people includinh myslef were going down. . . in legend.

Heres a joke.

Three dudes walk into legend Dark Omens. One has a FoW legend frame, another has an all maps all careers frame, the last has a 500 deeds frame. What do they do?



I’m about done talking about this stuff becuase I know precisely what has happened. Fatshark is run by people that are either too young or too inexperienced to understanding how valuable information from the past is.

“People Hate Change” that is an undeniable fact. Our brains have practiced and more importantly made permanaent how to play a game we love. The change will be far too much for most people, and then there will be fallout. It is foreseeable because it is human nature. You don’t get to change it.

Thinking that you know otherwise is pure hubris, but it seems like you will only learn from experience (which is not all together unusual). There is an outside chance that they have done something amazing that I dont see. That there may be some true innovation here. I don’t see it and I’ve been married to this game and this gsme alone for quite some time now

Again, Goodluck with this launch. I hope it goes well.


For me, Into the Nest without beastman, only a little bit harder than old legend. Supose beastman make the difference.


Hanzy, you play ONS, maybe DWONS but no map completions on Cata?

Is that right? What do you think about that? Just another mountain to climb?

There were what? 7 teams at the onslaught event this week? 2 played DWONS with like 1 or 2 total map completions because the 5 people that carry DWONS were captains of onslaught teams? So Cata is built for the 8 people that have duoed DWONS?


I’m not sure how some people find it about the same with dodge being less effective (not a bad change, but the fact is, it got worse), and one of the most popular THP options completely gutted. That’s two of the base instruments taken down.
THP on kill is the most working one right now, but with hordes made more dangerous, it’s less useful than it was (old cleave would be more preferrable). THP on ults is out of everyone’s reach for a while, so that’s not an option too.
And THP IS essential, even Fatshark admitted it by moving THP talents to first skill tier.

Game is really only more difficult because beastmen are so bugged and badly designed.

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I’ll admit I’m really struggling on legend and is making me alternate between “Well, I’ll just get better” and “FATSHARK, I HATE ALL OF IT.” Something’s really different and idk how to feel, tbh. Thereotically, it should make me a better player, but in all honesty, I can’t really figure out where I’m going wrong and it’s freaking me out and just making me kinda fed up.

I’ve mixed emotions on this expansion and have regularly been putting it down for extended periods as I don’t generally enjoy being salty at a game.


Yeah, I have a very negative feeling, but I like the game enough to give benefit of doubt to it. Taking breaks and trying to figure it out, just throwing a career+weapon in a match and seeing what sticks. So far I’m not impressed, feels like meta got even worse.


Aye, I have played DWONS. Fair amount of time spent in modded playing ONS and ONS+(Onslaught with spawn tweaks basically).
I never really got into DWONS because the whole team has to be on point.
ONS and ONS+ are more fun to me.
So yeah, not a ton of DWONS experience.

I have completed Cata runs in the past several betas. Just didn’t get any completions last night.
By the time I finished doing Legend Lord maps and moved to Cata was 12AM.
Our Cata wipes last night were due to team splitting and not keeping Specials under control.
We were also dead set on killing a Chaos pat that spawns just after the field in Grain.

So yes, I view it as " another hill to climb." I need to get acclimated to new Dodge again, and general hits to kill. In Legend I know x career with x build is going to take x hits to kill x mob.

IMHO Cata is a bit easier than DWONS and there sure are a lot more than 8 people capable of completing it.


Generally i think most of the difficulty spikes on legend are when beastman enemies are present. I also completed today all the maps to unlock cataclysym difficulty and without facing many of the beastman enemies it was pretty similar experience to what i’m used to. The major spikes came mainly from facing couple banner enemies in the halescourge where once again the banner was literally in such a position it was nearly impossible to realistically kill.

Apart from that i completed the 4 maps without any wipes and 2 of the maps with full books as well because the people who joined me just went to collect them.

When it comes to the dark omens map, i’d say currently its easily the hardest map you can complete excluding fortunes of war and needs some really solid teamwork to deal with the beastman and the bullshittery related to them.

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