Standard Legend is much harder than pre WoM

Yeah, I get it. Its early days, and I know for a fact that we as a community will adjust.

Remember the pug meta of cata in V1?

It was hard stuff to overcome then.

I just dont think this community can handle it after what they’ve been through. It will be a huge step back for a while, will people have the gusto to dight through? I hope I will, but its been a shock to my system, and I’m a serious man. I get stuff done and I’m wondering what the worth of it is. I did not have fun on my first pass.

I had to change weapons but I found it to be pretty reasonable once I did. Beastmen I think are overtuned and Dark Omens is a map that constantly spawns overtuned beastmen in all directions, so on legend that is a lot harder. But doing the unlock Cata, where I had to run 4 lord levels on legend, that was pretty normal.

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No more rushing foward like national hero, at least people will need some tactic playstyle like when v2 relased, and when not anyone was capable to do legend.

Its really not anymore tactical than before. Had few groups where we pretty much blasted trough the map like in previous versions of legend. It all depends on the rng if you have beastman enemies or not.

Okay, I got to play more today, and noticed an interesting thing. Yes, the “normal” Legend gameplay did still feel harder than usual, but not overwhelmingly so. I guess it could pretty easily be “fixed” by getting to level 35, with the added Power - and the last Talents. They’re quite significant, after all.

Despite that, we died a lot. Why was that, then? In short, Beastmen. All but two (I think) were direct results of fighting the Beastmen, and even on one of the last ones they were present. On that one I blame more the Spawn and tight spaces we had to fight in, though.

So I’d pretty much attribute the added difficulty, or feeling thereof, to the Beastmen. More precisely, it’s either that they’re that much tougher to fight than usual Chaos (unlikely but possible), that we’re just so unused to fight them (reasonably probable), that they actually do what they were designed to do and break up the group quite effectively, making helping each other harder than before (quite likely, too), or any combination of the previous (the most likely). I can’t tell which one it was in what proportion, but things indeed got clearly harder pretty much as soon as the Beastmen showed up in any map.


Fatshark be like

  1. change a bunch of mechanics, check
  2. add new spawns to a bunch of maps, check
  3. remove their ultimate talent and gate it behind 5 new levels despite them having done hundreds of misions and really being lvl 100+, check
  4. make a bunch of balance changes to weapons, check

No wonder the game is different. Old legend was too easy for me but changing so much in such a short time is not good. I can still do legend rather well with a team of my friends but with randoms? forget about it, it’s not possible most people die soooo much.


What levels are the Beastmen on? I’ve been doing the Lord maps and after a short readjustment period the game feels pretty good. Literally have seen no Beasties though.

Playing the Dark Omens map? Forget about it. I had to drop to Champion just to complete it in Quickplay. People are incapable of dealing with the Beastmen right now.

It’s not a mistake. Legend was way too easy. Being able to single-handedly carry what was the highest difficulty just confirms that it was an absolute joke literally going against it’s own description.

There are five difficulty levels and if there is supposed to be any kind of sensible difficulty curve then Legend, as a stage that’s supposed to “prepare” you for Cata in theory, needed to be way harder than it was before.
Otherwise the jump from Legend to Cata would be absolutely ridiculous.

If Legend is too hard for people then they can play on Champion, that’s literally what it’s there for. Why is it such a major issue for everyone to accept that they might simply not be ready for Legend or Cata and that it’s okay?
I don’t get it. Do those people do every one of their hobbies at the highest level as well because that’s the only way? Boy we must have many olympic athletes around here.

Even before WoM every time I dared to do pub runs of Legend it felt more like solo runs and I even built for that! Majority of the people I met there were very clearly not ready for even the old Legend yet kept queuing for it and spent 80% of every round dead, waiting for revive.
What’s the point? You don’t learn much by this and I don’t see the fun in it either.

Can you imagine the state of the forums if people stopped being entitled, insecure and ignorant and simply just played on a difficulty that they’re comfortable with without getting blatantly carried?
The dream.


I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say so few people can do cata. Playing roulette with QP yesterday and today(at times not a lot of people joining cata QP), eventually people joined and we managed wins. Sometimes on mic, sometimes not. Had completions today when I played with people. There are definitely failures and wipes, but it’s plenty doable. It’s just a gauntlet of a mode.

The overall game(like Legend) is definitely more difficult, but it also feels a bit “smoother”(if that makes any sense). Just with how enemies come at you, the pacing of the game, that sort of thing. It feels like a steady challenge, with difficulty bumps(versus spikes) coming frequently so it helps with muscle memory and tuning one’s self. The experience feels more consistent(versus huge difficulty spikes and super easy fights constantly). Although… I did get an instant-aggro’d patrol spawn with a chaos spawn at the same time before(they spawned together and the patrol was like 10 feet from the U5).

Pretty logical.

I played only a few games so my opinion might still change but I don’t find legend that much harder. At least in the base terms, I think most of the difficulty I had was because of not being at max lvl, being super rusty (haven’t played any fast paced action fps since the beta) and beastmen maybe being little overtuned right now.


You cannot train yourself for Legend in Champion. Whoever says that lies.
The same goes for Cata.
If you don’t go in there and try, you’ll never improve and be able to beat it.
The downside is, that other people pay the price for your failure, not just you.


At least after clearing Dark Omens, they should be appearing on most other maps. Indeed, anything I played during the last couple of nights had them, including a couple of BtU maps. Maps with limited enemy types like Into the Nest still probably won’t have them at all, but otherwise it seems to be random as usual. Some maps started with a Beastman-only rush, others had them come in later either alone or with the other factions.


I beat Dark Omens on Champion once with Saltz and unlocked all of the Weaves stuff.

Did only Lord maps last night and I literally saw no Beastmen at all. I was hosting all of those games too.

Beastmen don’t spawn on “themed” aka Lord maps. They can on others tho.


That’s what I thought but just needed confirmation. A slight change from the closed tests so it was kind of puzzling at first.

Are you in NA region?
If so send me a friend request on Steam and come play some runs with my group. I bet you will have fun!
Steam ID is Hanzy the Heretic. East Coast, Dave Martin, Steam avatar is a gunslinger with two six shooters.

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Legend is not at all that much harder than previously; I’m playing through with a level 14 Saltzpyre and I’m just smashing through levels. Last night I did several runs with some close buddies (one of which doesn’t do Legend that often) and we were crushing it. Really, it’s just adjusting to the new style of fighting and how aggressive/defensive you have to be at certain parts in fighting a horde.

And, also, it’s so freaking fun. Oh my Archaon-Blessed underwear, we were having an absolute riot! The dwarf went from almost dead at the start of a massive horde (only 2 people alive) to 100% temp-HP (now the only man standing) and clobbered his way up to the rez point. Awesome fun!

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Legend was much too easy before. I welcome the changes. Beastmen are OP though and make it seem a lot harder than it ought to be when they show up.

On Day 3 of the beta with a character closer to 35, things feel much smoother. Beastmen are still overtuned, but things feel doable so long as you’re not getting a poke in the back like I normally do.


I found my first couple legend games to be initially more difficult than previously, since hordes were staying up longer and were more difficult to solo. Maybe the extra power levels + ult talent fix that, but I haven’t grinded the 50+ games it would require.

Switched to a conflag burn battle wizard and the difficulty went back to normal. Hordes and hyperdensity are trivialized using that build, and it’s back to just needing to manage specials+bosses.

Then it was mostly just readjusting to the re-tuned end of level events, which largely went from too easy to a little over the top. Can’t say anything about beastmen or cata since I don’t have the DLC.

Overall I’m lukewarm about things. At the moment I consider it more a meta shift side-grade than an improvement.

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