Did Legend difficulty get harder?

Hello together,

I´d like to open a quick round of questioning to see if this issue relates just to me or if others experience it as well.

I´ve been playing Legend difficulty before and after the patch, yet I have a strong feeling that Legend has gotten harder since the patch hit. I cant quite put my finger on it, but I can surely say that I have had a lot of group wipes in the last few days, a lot more than would be usual before. Failing a mission was always part of the experience in Legend quickplay with randoms, however, the current extent seems really excessive. Even the missions I completed succesfully seemed a lot more stressfull and on edge all the time.

In general, it seems to me that theg ame throws a lot more stuff at you. The hordes seem to be relentless, starting quite early, and elites and special are quite plentyfull. So many engagements are jsut clouded in toxic gas, and plague monks seem to be coming in a lot more often, and many other rat specials tend to spawn two ore more at the time, often of the same kind.

With my experience I thought I knew where the harder parts of the levels were, but I´ve witneesed quite a few wipes in places that usually are not exceptional. If you become part of a weaker group, you can usually still clear the roaming mobs and get some progress done, but… I´ve had quite a few wipes were my group was just barely into the level, but the game kept bombarding us so hard with waves of enemies that the team just collapsed 5 minutes in. Due to the mass of enemies there always seems to be something behind me, striking faster than the warning sound can even play, or masses of mobs charging doing running attacks and dont react to stagger. I havent really had technical problems before, but now I had issues with Ungors becomming literally invisible after glitching out while climbing a ledge, or mobs strikes past me yet still doing damage.

So, I´m asking the community - did you notice any changes on Legend difficulty since the patch? I might just have had bad luck or played poorly, but my gut says something is different. The patchnotes dont really indicate anything - I´m not using any of the talents or traits that are currently broken. But the devs did do something with the spawn points…

So, how´s it on your end?

The only thing I’ve noticed so far is that something changed in the ending of Righteous stand. The event seems longer and in the beginning there suddenly spawns a horde behind the statue.

Also, the fact that Boon of Shallya is broken is having a huge impact.

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A lot of bugs came in this patch, you are probably feeling that.

Several old ones that were dead and buried also reanimated and rose back with a vengeance to wreck misery unto the poor and ,not quite innocent heroes of Helmgart. ‘’

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It got harder from the perspective with the newly introduced staggersystem. Dodgemeta is almost extinct. For many that was a big problem. I found myself not too pleasantly amused with the new system, but eventually got a hang of it. Dodging in the long run felt a bit cheesy ;)! But overall I’m quite ok with staggering now. It’s a bit too much “push-block”, but feels more realistic.

The event on RS is different. It takes more time to complete. Also the events on Convo & Brachsenbrücke are overtuned at the moment. Festering & Bell also feel a bit unbalanced.
But it’s manageable. Took some time to adapt!

I find it incredibly easily when you combine it with the new max level cap and damage bonus talents, but I’ve played the game a ton. A lot of players still have trouble since they don’t care for fighting side by side with teammates or use push-attacks as a way to protect themselves.

I think he’s talking about the 2.0.13 patch… not 2.0 in general.

I think he’s talking about the 2.0.13 patch… not 2.0 in general.


Oh, forgive me…!

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