Video showing issues with Legend Mode

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Even though I think most of those encounters were weak sauce, I still think that is part of the fun. No guarantees of winning, ever. If you want to grind reds then champion is the mode for you. Legend is prestige only I would say.

If you and team play 100% good during run and then you get 6 specials spawn on your faces, biletroll on small space + horde = that is not good mechanic. It’s just RNG at this point. And that is not how games should work.

You mean an easy wave? Nice, I thought this run would be hard. I do agree that RNG is not always the best, especially for loot. But to me it adds flavor in combat. Sure it can be annoying at times, but imo nothing is unbeatable. Whenever I’ve wiped due to mass RNG I can mostly spot why we lost it. Bad positioning, people start to solo fight when that happens etc.

That was just an example. Would it sound better to you if I said 20 specials, 5 bosses and 10 hordes for you to just catch point?

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Nice! I came looking for a fight! I joke. I also updated my previous reply. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL :D. Point is sometimes its noone mistake- it’s just RNG. And it should not be like this in game. My opinion.

the special/elite counter in the older legend was even higher than it is now though.

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