Tired of the Special Procession

Specials spawn far too frequently, it’s ridiculous. 49 specials then a wipe due to a double horde chaos spawn while moving at decent pace and getting close to the end of Hunger in the Dark. Legend just feels one dimensional right now and totally inconsistent.

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I think that’s the intention of legend difficulty.

49? Seems pretty average, maybe a little bit below average.

Legend is only inconsistent if your team lacks in dealing with one of 4 threats: hordes, elites, specials and bosses. You can afford being not so good at one of those on champion, relying on pickups and skill, but on legend EVERY member of the group’s got to know how to deal with each of the 4.

It doesn’t mean that every member has to be effective against all 4, though that’s preferable, but at least know their role. For example not lose HP on a horde, if their weapon is not well suited for clearing swarms, or know how to kite a boss, even if their boss damage is low.

As for group composition, from my experience if teams lack something, usually it’s boss damage. Sometimes it can also be CW damage. So you should check those two before going on a mission. Other weaknesses, like low anti-armor or ranged weaponry not suited to deal with specials are rather rare, but also happen from time to time.

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It was just me and bots and I replayed the level 3 times and got a win on the 3rd. It still just seems that sometimes the game spawns no specials or sometimes it spawns special after special after special in a procession. Some consistency would be nice, and clarification if it is intentional.

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I haven’t quite figured out if there’s a pattern, but I think the game might choose to bias certain things sometimes - for example, I think many of the legend games with few specials have ended up having 2+ bosses or A LOT of hordes, but I haven’t kept track enough to be sure.

That’s definitely not the case, but it would be cool if Vermintide had such a system.

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The only real problem i have with legend is the level Against the Grain at least at the start of the map its overwhelming 90% of the time.

I kinda like it this way. Vmt1 was way too predictable. But the variety on 2 makes it a lot more challenging.

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