Special spawns on Legend Vary Wildly in Number

Title. 3 games on PS4 legend:
90 specials in 21 minutes Athel Yenlui. 63 specials in 21 minutes Athel Yenlui.
And then played Halescourge with 27 specials in 17 minutes.
It was so shocking to see so few I was worried I was playing on Champion.

Anybody else notice this?

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It’s RNG, always confused me on PC when it hapens as well. There are things you can do to trigger special spawns as well. Such as moving too far away from your team mates or doubling back to grab loot. But sometimes you just get a ton of specials. As long as there’s not more then 5 on screen at the same time, it’s not a bug. I think it’s capped at 5 specials on legend. If I remember correctly, there’s no cap on Cata?

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That’s random for you.
This is the main reason there’re a ton of players who want to nerf everything to the ground cause they can’t clear their chosen difficulty solo.

I just wish they will take away the double special spawn where they are literally inside of each other but you can only shoot one at a time.

This is very frustrating when killing a Leech, thinking it’s 1 Leech, and the second one from inside grabs you.

Or when you kill a ratling gunner and you see his dead body but you’re still getting shot at because there’s another one but you can’t shoot it because you can’t cleave through the dead one.



I’ve seen similar recently, pacing definitely seems to be having some issues. Had a war camp run where the horde warning kept playing (like 6 times within a couple minutes) with no horde spawns, and the game was absolutely spamming specials, way way beyond what I’ve seen in legend before.

Feels like there’s something more going on than just normal special RNG to me.

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Certain maps, like War camp have lock out zones. Where hordes won’t spawn, which could explain that. Such as the ramp you drop down to push the battering ram towards the gate. When you get there, hordes will not spawn until you actually start moving the ram.

I think the Horde music got glitched. I’ve had an experience on against the grain where the music played the whole map after the music started. Made it hard to hear everything else.

Could be, but the rate of specials was ridiculous too, and I’ve seen someone else say they had all the hordes spawn at once once they got to the ram. They never did for me, just an insane amount of stormers and disablers.

Was it Beastmen horde music?It always get stuck playing on a loop

It was Skaven horde music that played.

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