Specials' double-spawn on Legend & Cataclysm difficulties

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Boot the game
  2. Get into a Campaign match on Legend/Cataclysm difficulty on any map
  3. Play through the map as usual
  4. Observe sound cues and spawning frequency of Specials

Observed results:
Specials’ spawn sound cues are played double.
Specials spawn double either in the same spot or approach the players from two different directions.

Repro rate:
~8/10 - 80%

Specials’ double-spawn on Legend and Cataclysm difficulties.
While in other threads it is specifically mentioned that the game allows for the specials to spawn double in certain circumstances, after the 4.6 update specials spawn double in around 80% of cases, increasing their total number significantly.
The issue seems to affect all Specials in the game, regardless of map & number of active players in the match.
Issue was fixed with the Warrior Priest update and reappeared after the 4.6 update.

As a player I find this issue frustrating to deal with, since the difficulty of the game increased significantly in a non-balanced way.
I feel forced to deal with a large amount of Specials as if playing a +Specials Deed, except now it happens every match (playing an actual +Specials Deed adds around 20 Specials to the game and does not make much of a difference after 4.6).
Especially playing a Special-focused career like Huntsman started feeling like a chore, I have very little time to fight the actual horde having to snipe Specials 80% of my playtime.
Most of the time when I enter DBNO state as Huntsman the match quickly ends with the team getting overwhelmed by Specials of various kind.

17th of February (War Camp - Legend) showing a total of 24 Specials killed:

After 4.6 the usual count is ~40-60 Specials per match, 23rd of March (Into the Nest - Legend) - 41 Specials killed:

I’m convinced your observation is best explained by plain random chance. Special spawning per map varies greatly and has always varied greatly. Specials could always spawn double. These kind of posts / remarks have popped up after every single patch since forever. And I doubt the game has changed this way every single time it was patched.

Also: Posting the results of 2 runs means nothing. In order to prove anything you’d need the results of >100 matches. And even then it’ll be hard to determine if your results even have a small p-worth, with the naturally huge variance in special spawning the game has always had between different maps and even runs on the same map. Having said that: I haven’t noticed anything chamging with regards to special spawning with the latest patches.


Just to add, that different hosting pcs alone can have pretty drastic difference on how the AI feels and the spawn rates you get. Its pretty much impossible to conclusively determine something like this.

I’d say if they consistently spawn couples in the same location (as it’s happened before) this is indeed a bug, otherwise it might be down to fluctuations. I haven’t noticed anything like it recently.

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