Double specials spawn again since 2.0.10

Since the last patch the amount of specials spawning has increased (or doubled) again. The last time I encountered this was around April. This happend mostly after a new patch and disappeared within a couple of days or even weeks until it reappeared with a new one. This hasn’t happend to me in quite a while until now.

1.) When a special spawns, the game summons a copy in the exact same spot (rarely somewhere else)
2.) also specials seem to spawn simultaneously in general. Always between 2-4 and one doubles up

I remember those appearances had a time window between them, or is my mind playing with me? Now they always (!) spawn exact at the same time (on champ + legend as far as I know) since the latest patch. Recently I’ve only played the Helmgart missions, so I don’t know if dlcs are affected too.
Happend every game. I hosted 100%.

Triple spawn behind the wooden gate on Hunger (before the cave with the last grim). This appearence was also quite visible.

Double flamerat spawn on RS.

Double ratling.

Double gasrat…

…I could go on endlessly with occurences because this happens everytime and everywhere. Plus like I mentioned: simultaneously other specials spawn as well.


Another ladderbug (again with Kruberbot on Hunger) shortly before you ascend to the cart again and enter the pitch black area. Happend so far only with Kruberbot in this area on different ladders. Everytime he needs to teleport back to the party.

I dunno about champ but I am pretty sure on Legend it’s up to 4 specials at a time. Two of each type can spawn.

For Cata I believe it is up to 6 at a time.

There’s a reasons they Heroes call out ratlings as weapon teams.
It’s normal for them to spawn in pairs.

So IMHO most of this is normal. Them spawning stacked right on top of each other…that’s a little weird.

I think most of this may be in your head. I have played the game basically every day since launch. Have not noticed anything abnormal with special spawns lately.

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Everytime? I have a feeling that their spawn radius was larger before that. They appear quite close and simultaneously.

It is, and usually this disappears after a while.

Maybe I now give too much about details that I’ve overlooked before. But there are other posts about this aswell and I got a difference confirmed by a player I play regularly with. Something’s definitely fishy here…
Maybe their spawn radius has changed? Or it has something to do with also hordes and patrols spawning in my face and/or back or just generally in plain sight.

People on other posts/forums claim, that this might truly be intentional. Should’ve done better research before posting.
BUT I can’t get rid of that feeling that something has changed. Could it be that the rng sometimes goes wild (and stays that way a bit) and spawns more specials and more frequent?
There’s definately something wrong with the spawn location. Thoes pics above from RS are from the same game. Two specials, same spot. Over and over.
There are more…damn this uncertainty is pestering me…

You forgot to mention quadriple hookrat spawm during FoW event. Guys. If there is no double special spawn, every “wave” of them will be the same. One of each

Is the FoW part sarcasm?

Don’t forget end of Stand is a terror event and multiple specials come over the wall there.

Someone with more knowledge of game coding/mechanics can probably shed more light than I but I always understood it as up to four specials at once no more than two of a kind @ legend difficulty.

Pretty sure Cata can spawn up to six with three of a kind.
Not 100% sure of this though.

I believe legend is 4/2, cata 5/3, and cata+ (like Cata 3) is 6.

Champ is 3 specials iirc, but unsure of the duplicate ratio.

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Thanks. Sounds about right to me!

Thanks guys for shedding some light onto this!
So it’s just that their spawn location is broken, thus making me feel like more are appearing?! Hm…

Actually this is not a big problem, because it makes them an easier target. Just feels weird and should not be.

Ok, so the actual “bug” that I want to report is: specials spawn in the exact same location (sometimes even more than two!! and sometimes right before/behind me). --> like seen on Hunger --> two ratlings and one flamerat visibly appeared through the planks of the wooden gate.
Like I said. This comes and goes. For now it’s on at least all Helmgart missions.
It feels like the rng spawn locations bug out.

I can’t say for Hunger, but iirc, RS finale is a scripted event and the way it’s wired they couldn’t quite stop things from spawning in plain sight–but unsure if that’s been fixed or not.

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