Double specials spawns

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the globadiers spawned together in the same point and went 2 different paths.
In another occasion, 2 ratling, 2 assassins and 2 catchers (spawned in couples) few seconds from each other, aorund us during a wave. We even got a 3 catchers round (but 2 spawned together and 1 came from a different direction)
I’ll keep posting pics until this happens (and I remember/have time to take pics)


double catcher, didn’t have time to take picture, they spawned few meters from us

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same as before, in this case they were still moving overlapping

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@FatsharkJulia so the official answer is that the double spawn in the same location is not true and if it is, it’s intended?

We allow a maximum of 2 specials to spawn, but sometimes they can end up in the same spot if they don’t have any other point to spawn in that is not in the line of sight of any player. Whilst not strictly a bug I can appreciate how it would be considered as one and perhaps we do need to improve on this - I’ve mentioned this to one of our Gameplay Programmers for consideration.

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Thank you, I asked in order to know if I have to keep updating with new pics or not.

Are you sure about that? I’ve seen some wonky things happen the past few days. Had a game yesterday, 22 min game, into the nest. We had 70+ specials, they were spawning in waves of 4-5. Two gutter runners with double hook rats and a rattling gunner thrown in the mix as well. Happened all game, and in two instances, as soon as we killed the 5 specials, 4 more spawned. I’ve never seen anything like it before. One guy ended up quitting due to the amount of disablers.

yes, it is happening. Things like 2 assassins with 3 catchers and 2 + 2 rail gunners (happened yesterday). I’m also wondering how much this is intended.
But probably we should record and post a video about these kind of things. Something that I don’t have time/will to do :stuck_out_tongue:

Sounds eventful! If you catch more than 2 spawning in the same spot, please screenshot the location and send it our way. :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ll have to remember. I’ve been getting specials spawning in front of me as well. Just popping into existence. One location I know this happens is on Screaming bell. After the first grim, where you drop down that small ledge that heads to the house with he 1st tome on the 2nd floor roof. That ledge right there, is one of the glitches spots. Specials will spawn right in front of you. In my case, a ratling gunner.

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