Double special spawns

Issue Summary: I noticed that a lot of time a special spawns, 2 of them will.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Play the game
  2. Special spawns
  3. 2 of them

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Rare (< 10%)
Unusual (< 25%)
Common (< 50%)
Often (< 75%)
Constant (100%)

Additional Information:

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This isn’t a bug. It’s quite common to have 2 or more specials active at once, especially on higher difficulties.

If you play a deed with the seek and destroy modifier active, there can be small armies of specials running around.

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The problem is not really a double spawn, but a double spawn where the models overlap. I had a gutter runner running around, and when I shot it with Sienna’s staff, it became 2 models when one kept on running while I shot and killed the other one again.
Observed the same behavior with leeches too.

It’s sorta exciting when you have two Ratlings that are providing covering fire for one-another when the third one steps in and locks onto a new target. Mid-horde makes it even more fun, then slap Kruber’s helmet and shout, “This thing can fit so many bullets in it.”

On the bright side, it is intended. It is also behavior largely observed on higher difficulties.

I’m used to having multiple specials of different types in play at once. But what what i’m referring to is when 2 of the same type spawn at the same time. Like 2 leeches teleporting on the team at once. 2 packmasters etc. If it’s intended that’s fine. Just seems like it’s happening more than usual lately but that could just be me.

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It is intended. Often, on high difficulty, they will separate as their AI takes them to hunt down one player or another. If you kill a leech and another one pops up about two seconds later, they likely spawned as a pair and the latter of the two was getting his hat into the most intimidating position before trying to spook you. I assure you, however, they didn’t spawn one and then the other; they rolled in as a pair.

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Good to know. Thanks for clarifying. Just doing my duty to help acknowledge what i thought might be a potential bug. If it’s intended i’m totally fine with that.

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I don’t think that it’s the intended behaviour, that when 2 of the same specials spawn, their models overlap so exactly, that you have no idea if you’re dealing with one or two until an action (attack, push, whatever) separates them and you relize that you’re f*cked because the one you didn’t knew about will kill/disable you and you cannot do anything about it - I’ve experienced this in both QP and in FoW.

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this morning happened again, 2 leeches spawning one into each other (on was rotated few degrees in a different position, but still overlapped) and then teleporting away into 2 different positions.
If it is not a bug, how are the chances that 2 instances of the same mob type spawn in the same place in a map?
The bug is not 2 special spawning, it’s 2 of the same type in the same place at the same moment, overlapping.

Forgive me; you are correct that they shouldn’t overlap which @azaroth75 also covers. They shouldn’t overlap as certain weapons can’t pierce them (namely ranged weapons) which can be a detriment to a team that does, in fact, react quickly enough to cover themselves. When you are locked into a corner and can’t dodge, it is a critical moment if a leech appears: you must create enough space to land that kill or you are hosed.

If you kill one and they just have a duplicate inside them… that’s not exactly fair if you made a perfect play out of it.

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