Twin Spawn Insanity. Intended?

Specials are spawning in couples frequently. This has been going for a while, but i’m under the impression it got worse after the update. It’s nothing new, so i wonder if it’s staying because it’s intended or just isn’t fixed yet.

Sometimes it’s harmless (after you get used to it), some other times it feels cheap, while on occasions it will ruin the mission entirely. I started recording it a couple of missions ago and got those for illustration (plus the telekinetic chaos spawn at the end):


For the first time ever today I got double Gutter Runner, double Packmasters. We handled them fine since the two sets of two were offset by a few seconds, but I don’t think I’ve ever had that happen, I thought the system was capped out at 3 disablers in a concerted wave.

Yes… me too I have seen double disablers today.

Been observing this for the last 2(?) patches. Started happening when the patch logs mentioned that they toned down disabler spawns. Part of me thinks they accidentally flipped a switch and done the opposite of what they planned. I personally dont mind it. Its a nice difficulty peak during hordes and such at times. Means youll actually wipe to things outside of teleporting and silent chaos patrols every now and again.

Yeah, i have mixed feelings about it. Like you said, it adds some nice difficulty spikes sometimes. Today, though, things seemed a bit out of control.

i love it. adds to the intensity.

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2 spawns just add some spice. But sometimes they spawn and move in the same model. And that is what troubles me.


You know, I think the couple spawns all started on Valentines day. Maybe all these rats have found the love of their lives and are doing everything together :wink:


I’m convinced that they manage to screw something up with the AI Director’s code every single time they “change” something with Special spawns. Just earlier I witnessed a triple assassin spawn along with a hookrat, flamer, and a ratling gunner all at the same time.

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You have that happen with 2 Globadiers and tell me how fun it is.

There is no cap on disablers. Specials are limited to 3 or 4 slots (3 chaos or 4 skaven depending on the situation/location, don’t know exactly how it works).

AI director has been “fixed” now for what? four times?
But I came to the point of believing this is just intentional. I basically haven’t seen less than two hookrats spawning at the same time since I started playing legend. My personal favourite was a tripple stormer combined with our second chaos spawn plus siamnese ratling twins.

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