Am I the only one losing Legend 99% of the times?

Okay guys this is not a troll post. Just want to know from players their situation.

I am not a newbie but also not a pro. This week I had something like 30+ games and actually I won just 2 games. Sometimes the group-mates are bad but sometimes they are strong.

For sure Legend need to be competitive and funny, but now (for me) it looks to be a little bit too hard and confusioning.

How’s your Legend going guys?


I don’t think you are,

And I’m pretty sure the spawn engine is out of whack or bugged at this point regarding Legend.

I’ve run with good parties that did everything right, but suddenly and mysteriously it just throws everything and its mother at once at you, in a no way in hell anyone can win type of situation. And this doesn’t include the insta spawn on top of you specials and patrols.


Since 1.05 I have not had a single successful Legend run due to a mix of spawns, player setup, behaviours and luck.
I definitely think the power & balance changes made the game harder and many people have hard tie adjusting.
I will be staying in champion until I’m all geared up (3000 power and right traits/properties) and then try Legend again.

Same exact experience. After patch 1.06 i simply can’t win two legends in a row, even with good players the director just keep throwing EVERYTHING at you, forever. I can’t walk 2 meters that a horde, patrol, boss and God knows what else destroy us. I understand that legend should be a real fight for expert players, but this is just unfair, because if during a Chaos Spawn boss battle i got oneshotted from green monks that spawned behind me in absolute silence, and than two grabbers spawn and finally a horde complete the work, there’s absolutely nothing we can do, no matter how good we are. It’s not fun, just frustrating and stupid.


It goes well until the AI decides, yet again, to spawn everything and the kitchen sink within 20 seconds.


I went from having a Legend win rate >90% regardless of group pre 1.0.6 to prolly <10% post patch, no matter how stacked the team. The AI director is completely haywire and every run feels like it’s a deed run with more hordes + bigger hordes + more (totally silent) specials. Even berzerkers generally aren’t making a peep now.

Before reaching the starting area in any level over the past few days it’s been: multiple hordes, a boss + their horde combined with another normal horde, dozens of specials, dozens of elites, and it seems like virtually every spawn group contains twins (eg. 2/3 will be gas, 2/3 will be leaches, 2/3 assassins, etc). It’s bizarre. 3x disabler followed immediately by a 4th disabler when one is dealt with is not uncommon. If we manage to get through to the relative safety of the funnels and corners within the level, where we can actually hole up during hordes, the AI director keeps the special pressure on non-stop to the point that sometimes you’ll clear a horde, have to waste time deleting specials that are being coy douchebags (eg. a blight stormer hiding behind a wall but blocking your path with storms), and have to deal with another horde pretty much as soon as you’re finally able to move forward. Then, after what feels like an eternity, you’ll be near the end of the level and the director will spawn an entire off-schedule horde directly on top of your group with everyone totally surrounded before they can react (ie. the whole horde spawns directly into the play area, ready to deal lethal damage immediately), or it’ll drop a silent patrol on your head in the middle of hordes+specials, or more silent specials, etc. etc. Post 1.0.6, I have the kind of kills/damage on a -failed- level that I’d see in a completed deed level in 1.0.5. Takes as long just to begin a level now as it did to be half clear before in a switched on group.


Well it either cake walk or literall hell on earth. 2nd option is much more common.


Bring unchained sienna with conflag staff, a special sniper (Huntsman or WS that can actually land headshots) and anti-armor specialist (Merc, BH, zealot, slayer or shade). Now your group will be complaining that 1.06 legend is too easy. Well played sienna with conflag right now can stagger everything (excluding bosses, but including patrols), making the content trivial.


Oh, you mean like essentially any viable comp ever? You might just be one of the lucky people who isn’t having to deal with this busted director hellscape, because regardless of group, regardless of comp, if the director spawns entire hordes directly on top of you so that everyone immediately gets hit from every direction at the exact same time and will die in 0.1s w/o blocking, ~1s w blocking, you are done.

This is not a “git gud” issue. This is a series of brutal bugs and it must be addressed as a series of brutal bugs. Silent patrols spawning on you isn’t normal. Silent specials isn’t normal. Off-schedule hordes popping directly into play on top of you isn’t normal. Constant 3+1 disablers isn’t normal. Non-stop specials isn’t normal. The game is not functional right now.


I get dense spawns, spawns right in front of your character, and glitched patrols all the time, just like all the others. Having 6~8 specials spawn on top of a horde mixed in with the boss and CWs. Regardless, conflag sienna instantly deletes a horde + Staggers all armored units, relieving most of the pressure even in those dire situations from your group.

I do agree that pack of mobs appearing in thin air, and glitched patrols sucks is unfair. But right now the players have more than enough tools to deal with such unintended difficulty spikes. So yeah, it is a ‘git gud’ issue if your main complaint is that legend is too hard.


If you were getting the exact same thing, you wouldn’t be saying this. Your theoretical “conflag sienna” would be dead before she could even begin casting if this was happening to your group in earnest. Big difference between “that horde just popped into play” and “the horde popped into play right on top of us so tight no one can move and they’re already all swinging.”

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You are very adamant. I played at least 50 hours only on legend since 1.06. I sleepwalk through legend with bots doing 1 tome 1 grim on my sienna. (I only have 50% success rate solo with bots on other characters)

  • Unchained sienna has much higher eHP than others.
  • She can just conflag on top or right in front of herself to make breathing room instantly.
  • If things are dire she can just ult.
  • She can stagger every armored, and deletes unarmored units.

This leads to lot less pressure for your entire group, and you can deal with those unfair moments.

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It just sounds like you’re not bugged. These things happened in 1.0.5 but everyone won despite them. In 1.0.6 they just add onto the new issues, the primary offender of which is: every run plays out like a full deed run.

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How many times do I have to tell you. I know that glitch. Regardless, even legend deeds are pretty easy too and is very doable if you plan ahead. Heck there was a guy who did a solo run of vanguard+increased spawn with fireball sienna in this very forums.

I agree that the glitch sucks. But what I’m saying is that legend is still pretty easy to manage even with that glitch. Don’t tell people that are clearing legend easily that they aren’t experiencing that glitch.

Yeah, they are… which is why quickplay being worst than a deed is not normal?

So you already know full well everything is glitched and you thought you’d come swing your junk around? a) I don’t believe you; b) there have always been various degrees of bugginess between users, even in 1.0.5; c) there’s no objective way to quantify the degree to which an individual user’s game is bugged and different people seem to be “carriers” of varying degrees of messed up ig bs; d) If you were “experiencing that glitch” you wouldn’t be saying “lol I can solo this with bots on sienna even when a hundred mobs and specials get dropped directly on top of my position all swinging at me at once.”


This is going to be my last post because I don’t think it is worth my time anymore to argue with you.

deed qustion : that is irrelevant to the current discussion
a : feel free to do so
b : yes
c : yes
d: I experience the following glitches often :

  • Mobs spwaning out of thin air, sometimes right in front of you
  • specials spwaning right in front of our eyes and starting the attack animation
  • specials that attack without sound queues
  • (probably not a glitch) getting a horde + multiple disablers while fighting a boss

And just to you sir : git gud.


You didn’t post here to argue/debate or have any kind of conversation… You literally posted to say you still clear w/o issue and you didn’t comment on the bugs at all until pressed to explain yourself.

All of the bugs you just described occured in 1.0.5. Every player gets different levels of bugginess and if you’re playing solo as much as you say you are, it sounds straight up like you’re not experiencing what we’re talking about. “Sometimes right in front of you” is not the same as what’s being described in this thread. At all.

It’s not “git gud,” it’s that you’re being arrogant and assuming you’re better than you are. A conflag staff and three lolbots does not compensate for the extreme level of broken-ness experienced players are facing right now. Also, no matter how good someone is that doesn’t compensate for how the bots perform under these circumstances, which is to say, poorly.


I don’t think I’d go so far as to say Legend is “easy”.

That aside, I’ve been mostly successful with my Legend runs. I run all sorts of stuff and will be with random groups. I like playing Handmaiden/Shade or Pyro/Unchained. Sometimes Saltzpyre if people are doing Footknight/Ironbreaker or at least 1 tanky thing. Unchained is a beast and can do a lot. Handmaiden/Shade are both really good at what they do and can salvage botched runs; this being especially useful when doing quickplay where groups may not be so coordinated, team mates trying out new stuff, etc. The conflag staff definitely gives you a lot of control over enemies, which is useful. I like that and the fireball staff.

I’ve had those happen as well. Frequently. I kind of just expect it at this point, lol. While I agree those things shouldn’t be happening, I think success is also a matter of improving one’s self and adapting to situations. Obviously getting the entire enemy set dropped on you is pretty brutal and requires some kind of coordination or killer play making. In general though, those things shouldn’t be happening. They’re one of the main culprits of many people getting screwed on Legend runs. Hopefully it gets fixed sooner than later.

How about mobs that stuck below earth and can attack you?) Not very common glitch but scary.

Also yeah with balanced team legend won’t be that hard. But balanced team in quickplay is a myth. And lastly git gud has it limits. Some situations cant be carried even if you are Sigmar himself.


I’d love to see the “git gud” crowd’s handling of a boss, three hordes, 20 specials, 20 elites, a patrol etc etc all at the bottom of the ladder in Hunger in the Dark, half of it dropped directly on top of you… or at the start of any level for example because that’s happened in pretty much every single run I’ve done since the patch. We’ve cleared that sort of thing several times but with the current bugs/issues, the pressure never lets up. These are not “challenging” situations, these are situations wherein you are being coned (ie. a traffic cone in your place would be just as successful). Then there’s the situations where you’d just outright instagibbed before there’s even any audio or visual queue to react to.