Unplayable Legend on PS4 since last update

I don’t know what happened on last update, but since then I’ve been unable to complete a single legend level on PS4. It’s become unplayable it’s that hard. I haven’t won one single match since and I probably play around 6 matches a day (considering each match takes 30 mins to finish and I probably get to 20 mins and die). It’s getting old and I might just drop it to be honest as I’m not getting absolutely anywhere. I’ve got 3 maxed out characters so I’m not a noob.

Still having trouble? I think with legend you need a good team, special killing, nice boss damage, and good horde killing. I’m on PS4 and willing to help, but I think legend is not nearly as hard as V1. It’s still very fun to slay some chaos and rats.

Yes I agree actually. Been doing better lately and completed quite a few legend runs. Positioning and dodging is key. I’ll look you up and add you if that’s ok. Cheers mate.

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