AI Director Changes/Bugs?

Ok so I’ve been talking to about 10 or so of my friends along with the people I’ve been matched with today in qp and everyone either only has 1 or no clears on legend since the latest patch. Everyone says the same thing “It’s going fine and then all of the sudden the director spawns everything at once.” And it’s not just a patrol with some specials, usually it’s a horde, patrol, and 3-4 specials, or a horde, boss, and 3-4 specials at once. Often times there’s no sound cues for specials spawning or no horde ambush/attack sound. The longer the fight lasts, the more specials are spawned and they are begin to spawn much more rapidly. Also berserkers/maulers/monks are much more frequent (had a game with 8 monks spawn simultaneously along with horde and specials) which makes avoiding attacks near impossible. I used to be able to tell when runs went bad and what mistakes were made, now it seems like the game punishes you for winning fights by extending them with more specials. Also, patrols seem very buggy at the moment. Often patrols will either be completely still outside of the map and then aggro when a horde spawns, or will spawn without any sound cue on top of the player. When watching videos or streams from a week ago, fights never dragged on for this long nor were specials spawned in so rapidly. I’ve cleared legend before and I know how to go about doing so, but the game just feels downright unfair and punishing rather than enjoyable. It’s not a challenge it’s near impossible.

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