Loads of Patch Issues + The Increased Skaven Horde Spawn Rate is Just Annoying

It’s fun in the occasional deed to have more spawns but bloody awful in normal Legend quick play. It’s just sooo tedious, boring, and stupid… Especially when combined with the director’s plethora of unfixed issues. Please, for the love of god, fix what’s broken first. Platoons are still bullshit due to their “parking” areas being to close too the play space. We will routinely get horde + 2 specials + 3-4 disablers simultaneously. Wtf is going on?

Been playing for hours now on the patch and every gd match had been no-audio enemies and deed-infection level special spawn, despite it supposedly being fixed

Please, for the love of god, fix your game and stop wasting my play time.


Another run just now on War Camp… 7-12 non patrol Rot Helms before even reaching the house (ie. The very first area). ~10 Champions, 2x gas rats, 2x leeches, 2x hordes, 1x pre-aggro’d skaven patrol, and a blight stormer…

This was followed by a Hunger in the Dark where the chaos patrol spawned directly on top of us. Chaos hordes now seem to be mixed with skaven hordes more frequently. Chaos hordes also seem to have an increased spawn rate.

get help


Sorry to hear you aren’t liking it, but personally I find this change to be AWESOME. Bring on the hordes! More slice and dice!


I wouldn’t mind it if the director wasn’t so buggy sometimes. I enjoy bigger hordes in general but the way we are getting fed specials and hordes was unnatural. We just had two runs where it seemed more normal. The first ten or so runs all felt like they had the “fixed” deed bug happening.

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You’ve admirable patience for this dude. But I’m with you, the hordes are the fun part. There’s some real joy in skillfully dodging and pushing them until you find a window to strike back mercilessly. Then watch the parts of rat fly.


Nope… I clear legend routinely without issue and only play legend. Big difference between legend and “drop platoons directly on the team and have none of the audio work for anything.” I don’t even have problems with legend deeds… But when normal quickplay is throwing buggy bs at you such that it’s beyond deed level, that’s a sign that something is wrong… So stfu with the git gud bs plz.

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Yesiree bob, the amazing melee combat and enemies coming at you from all angles is what makes this game amazing. Loot is cool and all but meh, I don’t care much for it and even if we wipe constantly it’s all a blast.

When it comes to burning off some stress or anger this game can’t be beat.

Yeah, constant bugs are so relaxing.

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Clearly we aren’t talking about the bugs being enjoyable.

Although if I’m being honest, the bugs crack me up more often than anything else, and winning despite bugs is very satisfying.

My advice to you if you are this agitated about bugs is to leave and come back in six months. It was the same with V1, buggy as all get out (worst really) on release and great later.

Yes… But it’s a feedback thread. I can enjoy the game and still be annoyed and point out what’s buggy.


It kind of ruins my immersion when deep-strike storm vermin fall from the sky and attack.
I insist that you give them assault jump packs.

Surely with the existing teleport animation for the fat boyz you can just fix the issue of entire hordes spawning from my butt.



woops orcs aren’t in yet

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I played a ton of Dawn of War 40k RTS and I would love a Vermintide style game set there. Gear up as a space marine and take on the orcs!

same, dow 1 + 2, and SPACE MARINE that game was a gem.

YES i forgot about space marine! I need to replay that now that I have a computer that can run it at higher than potato settings.

Fighting 5 minutes of hordes for every 30 seconds of moving forward for almost the entire map isn’t really my idea of fun. It bogs the game flow down massively. The elite spawns I don’t mind.


After playing a few more hours last night I think the game’s still just totally bugged (shocker). Several levels behaved a lil more normally and the increased skaven spawn rate was more nuanced, whereas all of the earlier runs had 2x spawn rate of skaven hordes which seemed to be overlapping with some chaos hordes. It was: walk 20m, horde -> clear ambient trash -> horde -> walk 20m -> horde -> repeat forever. Last several runs of the night were still broken but not as bad.

I gotta agree that Legend now feels just kinda tedious. It’s so weird where to balance the difficulty though. I definitely feel like legend is more likely to screw you now with excessive heavy roamers and then pressure of hoards… then the 1 disabler really succeeds at blind siding because you can’t see past the pressure. My suggestion for fix? Slight reduction in hoard spawn timers and a marginal increase in chances of explosive barrels and bombs. Win win for more gore, and more of a way to satisfyingly plow through.

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You know what the solution is.

Bring back conc brew! Unlimited potions, cost health