Patch 1.0.6 Horde frequency spawn

OK the spawn of specials seems ok now, but all those hordes make the game in Legend quite boring at times . A good team can handle horde easly but at this frequency seems a waste of time doing it . Now i spend more time with trash mobs ( slaverats,fanatics ) that stop the rhythm of the game . You have noticed this ?


Real problem here is that first ppl complained about too many armoured enemies(and rightly so, as it limited playstyle on harder difficulties and made ap mandatory). Then it was too many specials. Now its too many hordes. At the same time, some ppl would not want enemies to artificially do extreme dmg either.

Let me ask you then - whats the solution here? I mean, if you dont just wanna stroll through a legend run without ever hitting any snags. Dont get me wrong, Im not here to demean you as what you said may or may not be a valid concern. The real problem is that “too much of this, too much of that” will inevitably lead to the game becoming watered down and getting too easy over time, if there is no counterweight to it implemented. I dont see how they could balance this perfectly without pissing either the old players or the new players off. VT1 had pretty neat balance, but then that game also had different enemies, a different community and the levels were structured a bit differently so you cant just apply that one to one to VT2, unfortunately.

Whats your solution to this problem?


it’s way past that point. during the 1.05 beta hordes were actually threatening and it felt like they were on the way to a fix

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The problem was that skaven horde was weaker then chaos horde. So they could buff skaven horde with more enemies… more aggression, I don’t know. But if any meters an horde spawns, this game will become left click simulator. IMHO

All they had to do was put more clan rats or shielded rats in skaven hordes… it would have been virtually identical to chaos hordes. If they really wanted, they could have thrown a few SV in. This is a simple issue they complicated to the nth degree by totally altering the flow of the game in a boring way.

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i dont think this is a important issue right now

  1. this feedback is REALLY opinion based on your likes and dislikes.
  2. their are REALLY big things that need changing right NOW that break the game ( like green dust drought and missing illusions from red weapons and falling through maps) i hope they fix any of these three things within the next week or so because it breaks the game completely.

not saying you are wrong but i would rather the devs work on things that break the game rather then make a specific audience unhappy for a tad bit.

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I think this isn’t working as intended, is ultimately the issue. After the patch, a swath of runs seemed to have Send in the Next Wave level spawn rates then suddenly it settled down to more closely match what the patch notes described. Suspect director is still utterly borked, so I think it’s worth harping on and still consider it a big thing.


Finally, I’m not the only one. The patch must’ve done something, I swear.

I usually love to practice Legend a lá painful way by doing Shade with my bots, usually tank-oriented to allow me to use Dual Daggers and what I’ve noticed is that it feels like I have a Heroic Deed going on (the one you mentioned) and while I always appreciate a good challenge, this is absolutely exhausting. Me and my friends last night also complained at how frequent the spawns were to the point where we thought it was a bug. I also wanna chime in and say that Temporary Health from kills feels… very nerfed…

Am I going insane or is this some nasty CPU related issue? (I hear a terrible CPU can cheat the spawn and AI a ton) Because wheter it be rumors about EAC or some broken code, I am getting much worse performance all around too.

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it only seems to be bug on certain maps. against the grain is the biggest offender from what i’ve seen with constant horde spawns.

You’re offering nothing constructive here while stating your opinion is worth more than the op. Horde spawns have DRAMATICALLY increased across the board since the latest patch, not just in legend. I had a champ game last night with 6 back to back hordes, as soon as one was cleared another immediately began. And that’s not even much of an outlier from what i’ve experienced since the latest patch.

It’s a huge issue, and it’s incredibly boring. Hordes aren’t much of a threat, and after 3 or 4 in extremely rapid succession the game turns from fun to tedious. It’s no longer a test of skill, just a test of how many times can you left click before your hand gets tired or you get bored to tears. This needs to be fixed and soon. It isn’t fun, it isn’t much of a challenge, it does nothing but add tedium to what was a really fun game.

I noticed it too, sometimes the hordes come in such quick succesion it almost feels like one endless horde to me.
What is worse IMO is that hordes and elite patrols now seem to spawn right on top of you or just in front of you. last night we had a SV patrol spawn right in front of us in the Warcamp map. They didn’t even have time to equip their weapons so they fought us barehanded (still hurt the same tho’ :slight_smile: ) But it happens in other maps too especialy the map with the fort I noticed. But the oppisite is also true sometimes it take’s so long for the horde to arrive after you hear the horn you think it’s bugged. Sometimes an ambush spawns before it arrives and ofcourse various specials. But becuase it took so long to arrive a new horde already spawned while we had just started to fight the horde that just arrived.
Another problem I think is since the last patch the game is more choppier when the hordes come, sound seem to go silent sometimes during hordes which makes you miss the audio queues for specials which is not good. And btw disablers seem to spawn in greater numbers at the same time again. I mean I like a challenge but the spanwcounter or RNG seem a little bit off after the last patch imo.
I always wonder why the only change to higher difficulties is adding just loads more of the same. with more HP and DMG. I am not saying that the mobs shouldn’t have this, but surely there must be more diffirent ways then just this to make higher difficulties very challenging but also fun to play.

I’d like for chaos spawns to not be 99% of all boss spawns. I think that’d be quite swell.

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