Horde difficulty or lack thereof

Before I start I am talking about legend.

I really think something needs to be added to make hordes more of a challenge.
I am specifically taking about those Skaven hordes you often get on their own or with just a couple of specials.

Even in Pugs on legend nowadays players in the most part have decent skill so the Skaven hordes are nothing more than a chance to top up temp health. Even worse are those hordes that come at you for about a minute in single file and in dribs and drabs.
I have given up fighting Skaven hordes at this point, favoring to head-bang instead while 1 or two of the other players comfortably deals with it (yes I will jump in and help if on the rare occasion they look like they are getting overwhelmed).

It would be good if the AI director could throw in a bunch of Stormvermin or Monks, heck even poss a half Skaven patrol or something.

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You’re not the only one, hopefully the devs address this.

Hordes drug in ambient elites, and there lots of them on legend? This is already happens, you headbanging wrong side bro, watch out

“Hurr-durr, Legend ain’t difficult enough.” So wait, you just stand there AFK while your teammates kill enemies? Okay.

Play the mod on the workshop that turns all mobs to plague monks! Better bring your grudgeraker.

There are deeds and mods for you

Yeah I have have noticed that the horde can drag in the ambient mobs and it’s great when it does.

I am by no means an expert at VT and I am perfectly happy playing Legend for the most part, for me it still holds a big challenge.
I am only suggesting a small difficulty spike during the skaven hordes.
The chaos hordes I think offer enough of a challenge, same goes with skaven ambushes as you can be caught out of position quite easily. Skaven hordes however lack the intensity and interest by themselves.

Yes it quite common. Don’t forget that I am purely talking about skaven hordes where the party holds in place.
The highest difficulty in the game should not allow 1 or 2 party members, heck even 3 at times, go “afk” or mess about when an event is on. It should force a coordinated hands on effort to survive.

This game is called Vermintide after all.
Give us vermin tide to fear.

Yea sure. I only barely manage to enjoy 1h axe so let’s mess it up. I do agree that trickling hordes are tedious but that’s about it.

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From my experience, they often chip away precious health and punish a lot uncoordination or weapons that aren’t the best at clearing them. They are quite long already and make the legend runs quite lengthy.

Of course we all have in mind those well handled hordes that are blocked in hallways and eaten by fireballs/drakegun/hallberds swings. But many maps offer a more difficult topography, and let’s not forget the ambushes. A couple swings from a puny skavenslave can cost a draught.

Ultimately, like elites, and specials and even boss, they are supposed to be dangerous when combined with something else.


I think the skaven in general should be faster, which would help in a lot of ways. Make the game a bit more intense as well.

That’s a great idea. Making the Skaven faster, especially the slave and clan rats would give an added fear factor. Perhaps the ones that are spawned in a horde should get some kind of minor run speed buff.

It seems to me that people here are forgetting something: There are hordes, specials, Elites and Bosses to deal with here. None of those are difficult to deal with by themselves. The difficulty comes from several things coming together. So while we are quite capable of dealing with a horde with just two (or even one) reasonably specialized characters, the same applies to each of the other threats. We can shoot specials before they reach us, and dodge them if they get too close; we can easily beat up on Elites on any weapon if it’s one-on-one, and most weapons can handle two or more; and with some practice, you can dodge-dance bosses infinitely, or at least enough for another player to get beating them up. It’s when a horde and specials appear together with a boss when things start getting hairy, as everyone is needed to deal with something, possibly alone.

I’m all for evening out the difficulty a little, trying to get rid of the worst spikes and raising the base a bit, but I’ve no idea how to do that. Making hordes (or any other threat) generally more difficult isn’t the solution, though, as that would make the spikes just worse along with the base. Making everything more frequent would make the spikes more frequent too, and would likely remove any breathing room (of which there’s preciously little on Legend even now).

Finally, if you feel Legend isn’t challenging enough for you: Don’t sell yourself or your skills short. It’s not that the difficulty is easy, it’s that you’re good. Most players are likely still playing Champion, and are likely to do so for the foreseeable future. Meanwhile you’ve passed the next difficulty. Please don’t try to make Legend (or any other difficulty) harder for others, the gaps between them are large enough already. Instead look into self-imposed challenges or mods, especially after mods start getting approved.

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