Hordes are tedious on higher difficulties

Granted, they’ll wipe you a lot but that’s mainly down to trying to move during a horde or not instantly finding a chokepoint or spot their pathing fails. They slow down the progress of the level and make it frustrating, ESPECIALLY on legendary where they’re a constant.

I’d rather that hordes get upgraded enemies, so that slaverat/plague dude spam is for lower difficulties, and on higher ones more clanrats/maulers get mixed in, maybe some guys with shields.

Dealing with Elite enemies, singly or in groups, and patrols is more challenging and engaging than simply finding a chokepoint and cleaving through masses


Loved the numberless hordes of Test 2 Nightmare

If you want challenge you can learn to move during the horde as well. Fighting specials with the horde, strategic positioning away from hookrats and globadiers

Imho, we have two big problems:

  • crowd + boss + crowd + patrol at the same time;
  • some specials, like globadier, leech, ratling, spawn off mapp and hit us through walls.

If you bring careers specialized in CK you can easily push into hordes and you don’t have to corner up. Hordes are not the problem, it is just that people don’t specialize in CK and can’t clear the hordes fast enough. The only danger of pushing into hordes is triggering ambient elites that will complicate things, like accidentally pulling a few CW during the horde.

yes. in quickplay most people don’t understand that it’s very important not to push up during a horde, as this can trigger a boss spawn or a few chaoswarriors or stormvermin that will complicate matters and can cause a wipe, or a lot of hp damage. i mean, after playing legend for some time, i wonder why people are still doing risky stuff like that.

also, people should really learn to listen to audio cues. many people are clearly going in blind(deaf).

There isn’t any problem with pushing into hordes as long as it isn’t round a corner or into known boss/patrol spawn spots. As long as you keep an eye out for elites and stop once you see they are up ahead, it is perfectly fine.

My favorite is the Blightstormer that is on another map.

Globadiers behind walls/rocks are a close second though.

Obviously the bugged ones are worse, but those two are just frustrating. There isn’t a counter to a globadier on the other side of a mountain lobbing death at you, or a Blightstormer that isn’t even on the screen doing the same thing.

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