No hordes during boss fights please!

Simply put, the hordes during boss fights really have to stop. It’s awful to get right near the end of a level, close to the finale and get a horde + boss. There’s very little you can do in a lot of places, especially when you add the fact specials such as hookrats are spawning. On higher difficulties it just seems like the game has outright decided you lose when those happen all at once.

I’m fine with a horde spawning instantly after a boss fight or right before one but in the middle… i just lose every time. The only way i’ve ever dealt with it is with someone distracting the boss and being lucky enough for the horde not to attack when it’s aiming at that 1 person. If the horde ever decides to attack you while a boss is on you, there is no chance of survival.


Just curious but what difficulty are you talking about? There should really be a flag on every post to indicate which difficulty people are discussing since they vary. I’m not saying it makes a conversation more or less valid, just that context matters.

Which boss fights? Certain fights have hordes as part of the mechanic.


Champion mostly and legendary, so it only takes a few hits to go down. That combined with a boss endlessly charging at you… there is nothing you can do. Chaos spawn is the biggest offender due to how insanely aggressive it is.

I think getting the occasional horde + boss is fine. One person kites the boss around while the horde is dealt with. Horde + boss + specials is a bit much though.


How? There’s nothing you can really do except get smashed apart. If you try to kite the boss a special or part of the horde gets you. The boss aggro can be really random at times and change whenever it feels like it as well.

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Use ults to clear horde. You can fairly easy lite the boss away from the horde and not tale dmg. Just block and dodge. Have an elf or mage on special duty. Listen for their spawn sound. Its part of the game reacting to difficulty spikes

Some bosses are difficult enough without several chaos warriors or stormvermin spawning in…


Stop hitting boss. The person with aggro on boss kites around, while the rest of the team deals with the horde.
Been dealing with it fine, and it’s needed because Rat Ogres, Trolls and Chaos Spawns go down too fast when they are on their own, even on Legend. The barn spawn in Against The Grain is a great place to see how true that is.

The thing to remember is that the bosses are kitable, won’t switch aggro if you don’t get too far and people atop hitting it. Priority should always be the other stuff when getting horde + boss.


Oh no, we have to act like a team and multitask! Difficulty is bad! Let’s just shoot the boss until it dies, that’s so much more interesting!

Horde+boss should be the norm as far as I’m concerned, naked boss is lame.


Bosses can randomly switch targets even without attacking it. You’re also presuming the players have a good spot to be in. If you’re caught in a bad area, the horde will not only hit 3 players but also the one trying the kite the boss which is just certain and instant death on higher difficulties.

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Please don’t put words in my mouth, i never said make the game easier. I said hordes + boss needs to stop as it just doesn’t work with the current game mechanics we have very well. Sarcastic rude comments about things i never said don’t really help anything at all. I’m fine with the boss being pumped up more if that means no hordes during it.

The bosses are specifically designed in a way for a 4v1 showdown, when a horde appears a lot of game mechanics start falling apart.


How are they specifically designed for a 4v1 showdown? Each boss has mechanics which only focus 1 person at a time.


But that was my point. The bosses aren’t really designed for a 4v1 showdown. On Against the Grain or that cave instance Ican never remember the name of, the boss usually dies before reaching the time (champion) or within 5-6 secs of being in melee range (Legend).
The boss + hordes force you to get a good position. Sometimes that can be running back for quite a distance, and charging through the horde to get there.
And yes, sometimes that boss does switch aggro, it seems to actually be a distance factor. Once you consider that, kiting the boss on your own while the team deals with the horde, and ensure none get to you works.

The main difficulty is finding those good positions, being able to decide to go there at short notice and relying on your team.

Agreed on pugs it’s not easy, but with a group of friends removing the horde would trivialise the bosses.

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i disagree, as with all enemy types in vermintide, things only start to get interesting when enemies are mixed with other enemies. the bosses aren’t designed for 4v1 only. game mechanics also don’t break when you have too many enemies, everything still works the same way unless you mean bugs start to appear.

a single special is no match for a party. throw in some rats attacking you, it gets interesting. scale it all the way up, boss + rats.

it’s doable, it brings out the best in players, it gives a tremendous rush, and if the party does manage to win, it’s an amazing feeling.

to me, this is the essence of vermintide. struggling through immense odds to find a way through.

It’s not impossible, just very hard when uncoordinated.


Completely agree. good teamwork and coordination should be rewarding which it is.

If its too hard you can try with premades or lower the difficulty


I would be sad to see them go. Some of the most intense fights involve bosses and loads of enemies. It gets kind of dumb however, if it happens in very small, cramped space.


Just the other day I kited a chaos spawn around with a horde on me and separated from my team as they had jumped down.

I dodged around and killed almost all the rats so I could then dodge down the drop to my allies without safely. Like 45 seconds just me vs all. Boss tagged me once, which hurts as we were on champion, because I messed up once.

This is a learn to play issue I’m afraid. The game provides you ample counterplay, if you understand how to use it.


Bosses don’t switch aggro randomly. They do after throwing their target far away (for example the low attack of the Roger that makes you fly) or after receiving alot of dmg, which should not happen, because the boss should be the last one alive.

Specials (listen to the sounds!) > horde > boss and you are fine.

You can even use the boss to help clear out the horde. Stormfiend is really great in this.

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hmm if you have enough space it works out, but i had a chaos spawn and a hord spawn in hunger in the dark during the dark part.(with monks) on legend. i truly honor every group who survies this. also on skittergate in the ice cave where you drop down so no way back 10meters in-> troll and horde, no space to doge the acid or his swing. this is just frustrating.

seriously i friggin love that map. fighting in the dark out of necessity is like one of the best experiences of this game so far. there was a magical dark map in v1 also, the ambience was absolutely fantastic.

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