Re-work on the horde+Special enemy spawn in the boss fights

I really like the boss and mid boss(Big rat, Chaos alien, flamethower rat,troll)of this game. However the fight feels a little bit messy and unreasonable most of the time .

During in the mid-boss fights, it really need to pay some concentration on its movement or you will get grab or hit by unblockable attack. Some boss fight, you really need some space to dodge. So, I really don’t agree much on spawning a pack of horde whenever the boss start activating. it’s alright in recruit and veteran level. however, starting from champion Level, it look very messy. on top of that, they are still spawning special enemy too. Its kind of not fun while there is a BOSS, ten thousand rats and even special enemies are distracting you at the same time. This horde spawn during the boss fight is kind of mess up and wasted all the nice boss designs.
so I suggest temporary disable the mid-boss fight horde or the special enemy spawn while the mid-boss is activating but increased the mid-bosses HP, that makes the players can fully focus and cooperate more on the boss instead of dealing with those random spawning junks and eventually split up or mess up the fighting pace and making the game more anti-teamwork.

About the main-boss fights, I agree it should be a harder/ longer fight but not like this.Since the main boss move a lot different/interesting(?) than the mid-boss, i think the players will need even more concentration and attention than mid-bosses. So spamming junks and junks and junks when you are facing the main boss is really ruining these special designs of the bosses are making the fight needless harder than it supposed to be and it limited the way of player to approach it.

for example Halescourge, Although the boss is already get anerf on that 3-way acid attack area. However, most of the time this boss shoot at you while your pants is getting pull by ten thousand rat on the side and back or even front. so most of the time you don’t have that time/space to react to it at all (not to mention this attack can shoot though wall ,unblockable and it hurt like hell). on top of that, sometimes in champion and Legendary, it even spawn a chaos warrior or some Armour rat out, how do player supposed to deal with that much stuff while the boss is shooting unblockable acid to you while there are lots of crazy tank attacking you agressively?maybe with the best type of weapon, you can killed them quickly, but that will limited the way to approach the boss fight. so even with the updated of the halescouge boss , the boss fight experience still really bad or “not fun”.
Like the mid-boss fight, i suggest disable the horde during the main-boss is activating.however, when it got damage to certain level, it will fully retreat like current setting BUT it will become fully armor, while he is chilling on the safe-zone and Don’t make it attack the players like the current version. Then the hordes comes and occupied the players, the players can fully focus on the horde or maybe even got some breathing room for healing or getting some temporary heal for the next boss fight round (this will slightly make the temporary health gain skills benefit the players more obviously). if the hordes changed into this way, maybe it will make the fight feels like a too stable or boring? but at least i think it will make the fights more playable and give players time to react, re-think and focus more on the bosses instead of getting run over and over by the spamming junks and died and no time for the bosses.

Put it simply, using the pouring and spamming horde junks during ANY boss fight is a really cheap shot design to increase the difficulty of the boss fight, please REMOVE it.

There’s a massive difference on how the director in VT1 and VT2 acts during boss fight, and VT2 is terrible compared to its older brother for many reasons :

  • hordes and specs can spawn post boss spawn.
    Before tryhards get all mad let me explain. I’m completly okay with roaming bosses (chaos spawn, troll, stormfiend and ogre) spawning with specials and/or a horde from the get go. It was a thing in VT1 and is a doable difficulty spike. But, when this situation happens and for what ever reason part of your group wipe and you’re left alone and still deal with everything that spawned but the boss, you’re facing a huge dps wall.
    Hordes and specials, especially silent disablers, will keep spawning at an insane rate (legend) while your only way to deal with the boss is to chip it.
    This never was a thing in VT1, and need to be adressed.

  • What the fug are those boss-walls ?
    When a stormfiend or a troll spawn, it also spawns a green “boss-wall”, basically sealing you and the boss inside an area. Once again, if a clutch arise and you’re left alone, your teamates can respawn outside of said area, making it impossible to rescue them. While soloing could be doable when fighting a stormfiend, the troll is 99% of the time un-soloable (again, legend) because you cant out-dps the regen, unless using that narrow meta loadout during that director-hate-free situation.
    This is, in my opinion, terribly useless.
    My guess is, the troll and stormfiend being slow, they dont want you to leg it when you see them and let them get stuck somewhere.
    Honestly just give them the VT1 ogre mobility that follows you till death and remove those useless walls. Or make teamates respawn only in “green area” till boss death.

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Hordes could spawn during bosses in the first game, but the timer seemed a lot longer. Also, hordes in VT1 were only one wave, meaning a well-placed firebomb could actually clear the majority of it out. That’s not really the case in the new game, where horde timers on higher difficulties can be extremely short. Earlier even on just Champion I was going up the circular ramp near the beginning of Righteous Stand, and got a horde. Then a boss showed up at the tail end. By the time I killed it, I had another horde. It was kind of absurd.

I am all for challenge; I am loving the new beta patch that fixes players being overpowered. But I do think that the AI director should have a reduced chance of spawning hordes during a boss fight or a boss during a horde. Not zero, but slightly reduced. It’s a massive spike in difficulty that happens a bit too often - especially given some of the awful places you can get a boss spawn.

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After over 2k hours in VT1, most of them done in cataclysm, I’ve never seen a horde spawn post boss spawn. It could indeed spawn with the boss, but once you’ve cleared the horde and only the boss was left, no horde or barely any specials would spawn until its death.

Otherwise I agree with you that VT2 director is extremly inconsistant and would advise to look at how VT1’s working.

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that happened to me sometimes too sir, i killed a horde in the beginning of the fight, a well placed bomb or some teamwork split up finished them, but when we go back to the fight, we took a bit longer than we usually do, it spawn another wave, not to mention sometimes it spawn at a awful place and spawn lots of specials

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