So far I’ve gone against all the bosses fun and difficult in their own, but of late I’ve noticed both on pc and Xbox that the Chaos Spawn is the only one that appears and feels extremely broken, it’ll eat someone even it doesn’t have health missing, actually that’s basically it’s only move to use. I haven’t seen much of the other bosses, grains level after you unlock the door “Chaos Spawn” always now.

I’ve found myself quitting the game and returning to the castle to start another game up due to it, idk why but all of my characters are 350-400 Armor ratings and can take the others down with ease but some damage received, the CS on the other hand wipes my group all the time or badly hurts us into strike 2. So I feel something needs done about it.

out of all the bosses i dislike the troll most because: attacks damage through block, he goes into an invulnerable state after about half his hp is gone (you can’t burst him down from 100% to 0%)

chaos spawn is pretty easy to kite around if you have space. just that his attacks are really quick and you have to save bombs and interrupting ults to stop him from feeding if he picks someone up.

his attacks and attack switches are extremely fast. if you want to engage in melee, you have to keep your guard up during his possible target switch moments (before he starts his chain attacks, the large aoe swing of his grab, ground stomp.)

also, if you’re playing with bots, cs is the hardest because bots don’t know how to avoid the grab well. save bombs and ults for that, or play with others =P


The problem is that bots don’t know how to dodge the chaos spawn grabs. So yes, unless you can kill it very fast or can stagger it easily when necessary its pretty much “gg” or 1v1 (and probably a horde or two).
But ogres…a lot of players could learn from the bots how to dodge them effectively :slight_smile:

regarding the troll, afaik only the overhead attack goes through block (all except stormfiend?) has such attack. But its very easy to dodge it, all you have to do is run towards the troll and then dodge to the side.

What I’ve noticed lately that for the troll to go into his regen state he needs to be hacked down way below his 50% hp, I would say 35-40% and the best thing is that when he does go into regen his HP suddenly jumps from those 35-40% back to 50% plus that 50 temp that you have to hack away again.

I just feel that the CS uses his “Eat” skill too much he does way too much when I fight him bots or other players, but it still doesn’t answer the fact that ONLY it’s spawning noting else, I can burn the troll down quick, ogre rat simple as well, same with the other boss rat just annoying that I seem to get the CS too often. Bad luck or the game knows I hate it.

It might be a wise change if they made the Chaos Spawn do the life-leech attack once or twice during a fight, sort of like the Bile Troll stops 1 or 2 times to try and regen health.

As it stands, the CS is pretty much unbeatable with bots on higher difficulty unless you burn it down fast enough (or have a personal means to interrupt the life leech attack).

Chaos Spawn is by far my least favourite boss to encounter, unless you have a group that know what they are doing. Stormfiend is the easiest in an open space, but I think the rat ogres are easier all around.

Stack up on bombs (firebombs make him drop his food as well) the bot’s will hand them to you but yes it’s the hardest boss if you roll with bots.

Stormfiend is silly how easy it is, just get it to hop up and down a kerb while you kill it. CS is simply a much lower window of opportunity to attack than other bosses and the dancing is much more drawn out. Soloing the CS is a thorough pain in the backside. Usually I’m killed by something other than the CS while it’s taking so long to kill it. Gunner/Hookrat/Mob etc

Bots are there just as a healing potion for the damn thing. It’d be a little bit easier if the CS simply grabbed someone and lobbed them every now and then rather than sucking them off every time it grabs them.

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I wouldn´t say it is easy or better, every boss is easy without any horde etc. appearing. Personally… it´s pretty annoying if it jumps anywhere you can´t reach it properly.

The bigger issue seems for me, that the players have a lack of decision-making. I saw a lot of grps wiping to every boss. There are so many mistakes from players “how to fight a boss”.

  1. A horde appears, so let the player with the aggro kiting the boss , if you can´t burst him immediately , and the other 3 player just waveclear. Maybe a shade could stay on the boss too or take care for the kiting one.

  2. If you see someone kiting like a god (especially “dogde-locking” and ogre or a spawn), don´t use staggerabilities like pyro,FK,WHC,BH ultimates or bombs… just AA the boss down…
    So many players (especially pyro´s or FK) use them an wonder, while the boss turn into 0,1s after the stagger-effect and 1-shot someone.

I won´t call any boss stronger/worse than the other. Everyone got his strentgh and weakness. I think the only way, why the SF seems underrated, is because the hitbox of the flame is such weird + the critzone on the back is too strong.

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everything is easy when you use exploits.

That aside, there’s only one class I have problems with stormfiends - Zealot.

when u learn to dance with him like with ogre… 1 hit doge back, 1 hit doge back… he is easy ofc when he is alone. and sometime u will get hit by phantom hit^^ i hate that
but yeah chaos spawn is the worst if u dont have space and flat terrain he is a total nightmare and what i hate the most is 180 quick swap player and hammer me like a PRO!!
i hope FS fix him in some way on new update-dlc

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