Spawn of Chaos fights with the AI might need a slight change

So a friend and I tend to do duo runs alot when our other friends aren’t around and we’ve noticed a repeating pattern when it comes to the bots and the Spawn of Chaos boss. Mostly you side step and dash to avoid his command grab, the one where he regains health, however, the bots themselves tend not to do this and it creates a rather difficult scenario.

If the boss decides to focus them he can the majority of times regain much health as he pleases. We’ve had situations where we’ve gotten them down to 30-40% HP only for them to tunnel a bot and constantly receive their life back so much so that they can refill the entire.

It turns a skill based fight of dodging into one of luck where you’re praying he ignores the bots. There’s only so many times you can stun him out of the attack with an ability or bomb after all.

I don’t claim to know how to fix this, but figured I’d leave my thoughts on it. Maybe just have a limited number of times he can grab a specific character? It would force him to switch targets and prevent him just getting constant heals of bots. Although, again, I don’t know the best solution.

I wouldn’t bother bringing this up if it was a one off here and there, but it’s a repeating scenario, one that appears far too many times for it to not be at least a little frustrating.

Thanks for reading, hope the feedback is fair and helps even just a little.

From what I have seen bots behaviour during boss encounters is as weird/buggy as it gets. I have seen bots standing their ground (not moving) and being able to tank the boss attacks, which apparently were doing zero/close to zero damage.

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