Party wipe because "no ress"

Not sure if that should be a feedback about a bug or just about ai behaviour. If I play a single player( recruit mode ) and move against any bosses, often even if my character “fall” against the monster, if the boss is too powefull, anyone dies fighting against him . Should not the party try to get me up or to reanimate me ( and so let the game continue with the fight or just fly ) instead of carry on the fight against a too powerfull enemy?
This happens even when there is only the boss and no other monsters nearby.

That is all for now, am i wrong / should this be the ai expected behaviour?

Thank you for your time and for your work :slight_smile:

Yea, the AI is sometimes a real pain, they usually revive you WHEN no enemy is around :smiley:

Yes, it seems like this: if the enemies are “minor” or “medium” or some “big” enemies and the main character falls, find a path trought the enemies to heal him. If there is a boss ( not a plot boss ) instead make the ai priority kill the boss, despite who in the party is still alive. That would make partial sense, kill him before he kills you, but technically if the enemy has more power is suicide. Anyway still don’t always happens, so don’t know if is an expected behaviour, a bug or if the party doesn’t likes my witch hunter :laughing:

ai is just bad right now. expect it to remain bad until mods come out.


If I understood you were playing alone with bots and died. The game is over.
The AI bots can’t move without a player guidance. Bots are also unable to rescue players.

Even if bots could go by themselves for a while, in a place such as a boss arena, the AI bots aren’t too good. Probably they would die shortly.

OP was complaining bots prioritising bosses over reviving you when you’re down

Didn’t knew that was a thing, but it seems good to me. Many times I’ve seen all bots getting killed trying to revive someone.
Bosses and globadiers are prime culprits.

At least until they change how bots detect threats so they stop getting caught by silly things.

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