Chaos Spawn on Champion with Bots

… is rather difficult. They dont really move so it just grabs them and heals up most of the time.

So it tends to be game over every time one spawns. The other bosses are doable.

It could use some adjustment.

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Reviving an older topic. I would really like to see some change to the chaos spawns interaction with bots. On anything but recruit it just heals so much hp from hitting every grip attack on bots. A solo run just ends the moment you encounter one.
Some chance to lower its maximum health similar to the troll would still make it more punihsing for bots. Greatly reduced healing when eating bots would keep its strength in full games untouched and bring it in line with the other bosses for solo or parties with bots.

Hey, all boss target the person who did most dmg - aka taking agro.
Try be better with head shoots and your problem is no more - no sarcasm I mean it. Do not run from him as you have agro, just be sure you dodge left his left arm attack (grab). Basically be on the move whole time clockwise.

/sorry for my English it is worse than bots on recruit;]

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