Bots are basically useless against a chaos spawn (and a troll to a degree)

The bots seem completely helpless against a chaos spawn.

The bots don’t seem to be able to dodge the Spawn’s overhead slams and can’t dodge any grab attacks.
Also the bots randomly just stop blocking when the Spawn is doing it’s multiple attack combo and get annihilated quickly.

The troll is also a huge problem: The bots don’t seem to comprehend the fact that they are standing in the troll’s bile and tend to wipe.

There are many people who only play with bots/have an unstable connection that doesn’t allow them to play online consistently.

Mods are probably going to fix the issue, but it would be nice if the dev team would too something too so people who don’t usually use mods/don’t even know about them don’t have to cope with the problem forever :slight_smile:


Fixes aside, more love for bots is still definitely needed. Like more control over them (order to pick up an item, use ulti or hold positions etc.) And also to be able to deploy One-eye as a bot.


The bots are absolutely terrible on legend difficulty and one of the reasons I keep leaving the game.

The best thing they can do from my POV is to fast track whitelisting of quality of life mods, including bot AI mods, made by people who actually play the game, e.g. not FatShark.

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