Bots on Cata insta-wipe vs Chaos Spawn

The bots are annoying anyway, but playing solo vs a Chaos Spawn is just pointless. I’ve taken to just leaving the match instantly as soon as the music starts.

They either get stuck and die to it, or can’t kill it before Specials/Hordes come and just die. It would be nice if you could just not spawn Chaos Spawns if you have 3 bots present.

Even when I think: ‘I’m outside, I have ammo, we have some Pots and Bombs’, they still manage to get themselves killed somehow.

Any other Boss in the game is doable even in a rough situation.

While we’re here, make it so bots go after Packmasters/Leeches/Gutter Runners like they go after the Gas Rats, which 90% of the time is pointless and makes them take unnecessary damage anyway.


I swear something changed after they integrated the Better Bot Mod. Before the change I know I saw a bot dodge a tentacle grab 3 out of 4 times and I know I saw bots shoot disablers. Now I just don’t see that, ever. You can stand still and watch leeches and hookrats lazily approach and grab bots and the others just never shoot. But they shoot at trash like it’s going out of style.

Even then, though, I don’t consider the spawn to be the primary run ender (on certain levels) as much as the Minotaur is.


Yeah, it’s quite annoying, even though they B-line for Gas Rats, which wouldn’t be a threat at all, if the bots just kited with me.

It’s mainly because I cba the clutch that follows it. I’m trying to make my bot runs more chill with builds, etc, but the Spawn just destroys them. Minotaur has little enough HP that you can burst him down with a bit of CC.

Wait, they incorporated the mod? When? Do you know if there’s a changelog somewhere?

'Cause that’d be terrible news, I disabled that mod ages ago due to just… bad experiences when I had it on. Seemed to make my bots dumber. Granted, modding bot AI seems tough in and of itself. Not an easy job.


While on the subject of Bot Improvements it would be nice if Bots would NEVER discard a Tome unless specifically told to do so by telling them to pick up something else instead. Annoying as hell to babysit them anytime you go anywhere near health pickup’s, Tomes should be a higher hold value than health pots / kits for Bots. Have to be very careful with any potions / health picks ups before a drop down because I swear the bots are just waiting to Yeet the book I told them to hold for a health pot they don’t even need right before they jump down and make it unrecoverable.

I solo Legend for practice and always do full book when practicing, and Bots discarding tomes is really annoying

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Bots do not drop tomes if they were specifically ordered to pick up said tome (by using the social wheel while aiming at a book to command them to do it)


Yes but they will drop tomes if they pick them up because they have nothing in that slot already (which can happen if they pick it up prior to you commanding to do so with the social wheel. Once they pick up a tome be it from commanded to do so, or pick it up of their own accord, they should never drop it unless told specifically to do so

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It has the same amount of health as spawn. That and it’s a lot more dangerous, damaging and broken with the fact that it can insta-180 slap someone behind them.


Can confirm that part.

Oh, you’re right. I guess I find it easier because headshots are easier to land.

Haven’t faced a Minotaur since the last patch, and we’ve played a lot too.

God I’m so upset the beastmen spawn rates got nuked this bad.

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Same tbh, we found them to be the only really challenging thing on Cata. And Skaven spawns are just straight up boring in their current state.

Everything else is just taking damage for silly reasons. Sliding Chaos Warriors, enemies inside Chaos Warriors, Packmasters spawning literally 5ft from you in a Horde while you’re kiting a Boss and Elites. Gutter Runners insta leaping.

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Even on Legend, they’re complete garbage VS Chaos Spawns.


Like a number of systems / features, bots are one thing the developers barely improved.

If anything they made them worse as I recall them being a bit more competent before. Also with the dodge nerf / enemy buff that would’ve impacted the bots as well.

In any case playing the hardest difficulty I don’t think playing with bots should be easily doable.

Legend is sometimes easier with bots than with players in QP :confused: . Not all the time, but yea some players should not be on Legend

Back with version 1.6 they did their job quite fine and thus had to see how it is now if it’s changed and yep, seems it has. Real troubles when there is any kind of an obstacle or a ledge. Captured two odd bugs at the same time: at the end of the video, 6:50, Kruber taunts & starts healing right when he should have flown over the ledge which miraculously saves him (saw this multiple times, also with Bardin and Kerillian, always when healing mid flight), at 2:25 Bardin gets grabbed by a Spawn who just keeps munching and munching while Kruber (almost) kills it (I had to help the Spawn out a bit by shooting Krubbie to see what happens).

A compliation on Legend with bots with semi-random loadouts, including the bugs and Ker going horizontal (video capture failed to capture the full screen, bottom right corner is cut away):

edit: video stopped working for me, direct url: streamable link


1:30 onwards Kruber Ults shoots with his gun and then switches back to his Melee. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Min-Max God.

Thanks for this btw.

Should also take into account: other enemies coming while the Boss is up and the fact that bots will keep the Boss in one spot no matter how much of a dumb place it is.

I’ve also noticed that they won’t heal even when on low/grey health sometimes.

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That is some pro-gamer moves right there indeed =) And np, was fun to watch them too.

Yeah, that is not a realistic scenario, but something I had tried prior to WoM, so had a rough memory of how it went. They could take even two Spawns at the very start of Into the Nest where now they struggle against one. Tight spaces were an issue then too so that’s not changed, but somehow I could not get them to not die with two Spawns up there.

Also, interesting how they almost try to avoid vomit / poison when they are outside of it when it’s thrown to the ground, but they jerk on the edge of the vomit and still get damaged. Almost! That is an improvement to blindly just going in, but they need to relax and not “let’s go -> ouch -> safe now? -> ouch no -> now?? -> ouch no -> …”

When they accidentally get enough distance (as Kruber does mid flight saving himself via an exploit!) they do it, but true, not when in close combat.

Another edit: natural bond stops them from healing even when not in combat. Or at least makes them very reserved about the usage of heals - I think they do sometimes heal if there is enough laying around & everyone has the slot filled.

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They seem to be doing it with other neck Traits now too. I switched from NB the other day because of this. May be 25% chance not to consume.

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Another one this time no Kerillian dying involved, but a bit more action which in the end lead to a defeat for the bots. Kruber is once again going with exploits, a bit different, but useful nonetheless. Around 0:25 it may be Bardin did a healing ledge avoidance trick, not sure. No clear examples happened this time, while the last time (unrecorded) they all saved themselves right at the edge but at 2m to 5m height above the ledge. There is a huge FPS drop after 0:55 when Kruber maybe heal-exploits to safety, no idea if it is related, could be.

direct streamable link

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