Bots dying to Chaos Spawn without any Specials or Horde on Chaos Wastes in an open area


Body is too short, but I’ve written this same thread 200x before.


Sounds fair to me. They absolutely slap Rat Ogres. :+1:

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I am not sure about this but i think the spawns have actually gotten a bit faster since some point not too long ago. I noted that i suddenly started taking more hits from them without having done anything different on my end.

But then again it doesnt matter much for my bots…they always just run straight to whichever monster´s face they spot and start attacking said monster single mindedly while standing ontop eachother.

Even if also surrounded by a horde that is hitting them.


I usually just restart the match if I get a Chaos Spawn tbh. Any other Boss can work fine, but Spawn just destroys bots. Especially when you add anything else to the mix.

Seeing them die like this just made me give up. I mostly play with bots while listening to streams or w.e, so I’m trying to chill, but still end up doing 75% of the damage, and babysitting them.

If I do this on Legend, the enemies die too fast and there isn’t enough of them to make it engaging.

Without touching on the theme how Legend is hard for me, I can confirm that bots have definitely become much worse interacting with monsters after some patch.

Bots bravely rush at the monster → they fall under the scattering attacks of the monster, which they cannot block - > the bots fly off → they charge again and die.

Aside from the obvious rat ogre, the same goes for the Skittergate and War Camp bosses. I can confirm too that the Skittergamte bosses become much faster now.

This needs to be fixed.

I also really miss that bots no longer shoot at monsters. It didn’t do much damage to the monster, but it did help. The monster is the ultimate challenge and I sacrifice all supplies to kill the monster as quickly as possible. Bots could shoot at the monster, they still die with full ammo.

I propose a compromise solution: let the bots ONLY shoot at the marked monsters, so you can control their shooting.

Well, more generally: bot scripts for the chasing the specialists, hiding from rattling, running around to ammo boxes and sticking to the monsters are very bad without arguments. This must be done in a switchable manner, as in the mod for V1.

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Pretty sure bots are just health potions on legs when it comes to Chaos Spawn.

bots have become worse against monsters. i have seen them get downed by an easy rat ogre. they forget to block sometimes

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What a coincidence; I just closed VT2 and started browsing the forums because I was annoyed by 3 cata runs in a row ruined by bots being dunked on by Chaos Spawn. Starting to think they may have a tentacle and/or vore fetish because rather than doing sensible things like blocking and avoiding attacks, they embrace the thing with open arms. it’s incredible how quickly they can all die even without much if any outside intervention.



Yeah, there’s some other issues too.