Spawn of Chaos - Too Agressive?

Is it just me or is the spawn of chaos too aggressive now? It seems there’s barely any time to attack him, which is made harder by his high speed and mobility. He also seems to have the tendency to lock on to someone and attack relentlessly. Doesn’t feel any fun to fight them on Champion+, given their large HP pool

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It is a problem when it spawns in a very bad place. Not always you can move toward a better zone.

Open ground is ok.
But boss always appears in narrow place…it’s really hardto fight.

Out of all the bosses Spawn of Chaos used to scare me the most. It took me ages to learn how to duck dodge and dive out of their pattern and I still sometimes fail at it.

I like that they are a little difficult though. The other mini-bosses feel like kite and kills.

This isn’t a “git gud” speech this is a honest to god I know how you feel and damn it just took me practice and I still fail.

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