Nerf the Chaos Spawn

Hi guys, I would love to give you my suggestion and explanation in this video (Subs English) of why I think I should lose power to the Chaos Spawn.

Thanks for watching the video


I actually prefer fighting the spawn over any other boss. It will punish bad players, but if you have decent skills, you will wipe the floor with it far quickest of all the bosses, since it has by far the least health, no armor, and no way to replenish health unless someone screws up badly. There are quite a few ways to stagger the boss, so even if someone screws up, unless the whole team is inept at their job, basically, they have a very good chance to prevent the spawn from regenerating.

On the other hand, stormfiend, yeah, if you stay away from it and are careful, you can dance around him forever pretty much, but it has much more health than the spawn, so getting a horde during this boss fight will be far more common, which will often result in a loss. Also, if you fight it in melee, stormfiend actually hits you almost instantly with its flames, and they deal a crapton of damage, too.

The video is evidence that this particular guy and possibly his group have trouble handling the spawn, but it doesn´t remotely prove that the spawn is objectively the hardest to deal with. Imo it is the 2nd, or even 1st easiest.

To be honest I’m kind of the opinion that most bosses could do with a buff.

The Chaos spawn is only dangerous if you chose bad ground, and the player who holds agro does not know how to block dodge its attacks. The 3 light attacks can be blocked or dodged and the heavy attacks all have long indications that they are coming. the grab is well telegraphed and is easily interrupted . A low dodge character will have trouble soloing it, but really it’s not that dangerous most of the time.

Bosses should be a serious challenge.

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