Is the chaos spawn broken?

So, before the inevitable flood of “git gud” yes, I’ve beaten them. No they are not fun.
Chaos Spawn have very little counter play, basically necessitate using one of a few common, posted builds to beat, and are just an over all an obnoxious fight to experience. Sure, they are beatable, but they are an order of magnitude harder than any other Monster, and are actually harder than a number of the bosses. This almost feels like a bug, Chaos Spawn are so out of sync with like, Rat Ogres for difficulty it’s like something went horribly wrong.

It’s not just about them needing a nerf either. There’s not really a strategy to them so to speak. Just have an optimized, anti-monster character… which if you don’t enjoy, well tough luck, choice is for suckers. And sure, being built well is important, but you shouldn’t be forced into a single top tier build.

This monster is only really different to fight if you try to solo it otherwise someone kites the rest kills it.

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Spawn is fine and I welcome the fact it is a bit harder than the other monsters.

just kite it in circles and let the others kill it. When it attacks some of the others you can do some damage. Really easy when all 4 are alive

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The only annoying thing is the grab, but going around them clockwise helps a lot

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The thing that makes them hard is that they attack and deal dmg almost instantly, they also punish low dodge ranges heavily and one mistake might refill half of it’s hp.

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Low dodge characters really suffer, but they are definitely killable and solo-able, honestly I’d prefer to buff the others opposed to nerfing the spawn

+1 for this, other bosses are easy unless in a really s*** spot with horde and specials. Chaos Spawn is more of a challenge!

They are pretty tough to solo. Totally doable but even if you’re on point it takes forever due to how fast it attacks. And during that time sigmar-knows-what else will spawn and soloing a Chaos Spawn + horde or specials is not a fun thing…

Yeah, the biggest danger I’ve found is the non spatially aware player who just does not realise, and is too focused to listen, that there’s a better place to fight the monster than the dead end spot/corridor they are trying to use.

I’d say a bit of both would be the best. A bit of a buff to the others so that they feel more challenging again, while toning down some of the Spawn’s aspects so that it’s not quite as dangerous to fight (alone), and to give a little leeway for mistakes. Somehow making the Spawn a bit more predictable would go a long way, in my opinion. It could also be argued that the buffs should go for Legend (or Legend and Champion) only, as players on the lower levels generally struggle more already, and are still learning the game. Let’s not forget, the people who play Legend are still a minority, if the ones most enthusiastic about things.

I am very much for the idea of crafting challenge by giving enemies new attack patterns and moves on higher difficulty. Killing Floor 2 does that to great success.
The spawn is definitely the most difficult boss, as it stands out in multiple ways: it is noticably faster than other bosses. Its attack ranged seems higher. One it its 2 attack chains attacks without much telegraphy and windup. He has a grab that is unbreakable without bombs or active abilities that deals hefty damage to the grabbed as well as regenerating alot its health. His 180° slam is also alot harder to avoid and as has been already pointed out, hearoes without good dodge have a hard time maneuvring.

I am not in favour of a “nerf” per se, but to a different approach to his attack patterns. His almost instand attack chain needs better telegraphy. His grab should be breakble by dealing enough damage (shouldn’t be too low) and if it is broken, his tentacle should get dismembered, removing the grab and the tentacle leash but making it otherwise more aggressive, maybe increasing speed and damage but also making it bleed out.

That’s already a thing I think but only massive dmg will trigger it. That’s when the spawn slams around the grabbed player instead of trowing him away after feeding.
If you play on recruit you can trigger it easily before he feeds much but on legend it rarely happens fast enough to be of any importance.

True, but I am talking about truly breaking it. Getting grabbed can actually be an advantage with a coordinated team, as it allows for everyone else to just wail on it.
I think the spawn has alot of potential to become more interesting. Currently, it sticks out from other bosses kinda like the troll did before, and like the troll, for the wrong reasons. I think by and large, all bosses should roughly be on the same scale when it comes to the challenge they present. I could see quite some different ways to approach the spawn. Maybe it could have one additinal weak spot (maybe indicated by some kind of mutated eye) that can be in a couple different locations and everytime it is somewhere else. Doing something against the tentacle would be fun and could give the boss a “second phase”.

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