Please Fatshark, these spawns have to be fixed

Please Fatshark, some spawns are just broken. I’m not here to complain difficulty, it could be more easy or more hard, I don’t care… but it should be fair. Instead we have:

  • globadier: just spawn off map/ off view and hit us… often we have not time to dodge;
  • stormer: another enemy that spawn off map/ off view… his storm is easier to dodge than poison globe, but nope if you are in a tight place with some hordes… it is a obv death;
  • some patrols still appear in front of us, already “triggered”;
  • some gutters just spawn on you… like they were raining from the sky.
  • i think that some bosses, as more aggressive ones like Rat Ogre and Spawn Chaos, aren’t thought to spawn in a very tight place… specially togheder an horde (well, I think that previous points are, more or less, objectives… while this one, is more “my desires”).

After this fix, IMHO, we will have a more fair (and less bugged) game… and, eventually if it will be too much easy, Fatshark will alway be able to adjust the difficulty.

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