Assassins spawning on players

Issue Summary:
I didn’t know where to put this so I put it here.

I have a question that I really, really want to be answered. A yes or no will be fine but pls do respond!

I have some 1500+ hours in the game and in genreal the game has been playable but there are so many bugs and It’s difficult to figure out where the intended game mechanics end and the bugs begin.

Case in point over the last few days I’ve probably had 20 runs or so and during those runs I’ve had more than a few wtf moments. Not wtf haha but what the actual f… followed by an entire team of people yelling wtf is this crap game.
Latest game we are met with no less than 6 assassins, whereas to of them insta spawn on top of two players. there where no sound of incoming assassins, no assassins jumping in. there where just to assassins teleporting onto to players. At the same time 2 leaches, chaos patrol, horde and storm fiend appear.

My question is this: Is that an intended mechanic or is the system spawning out of control ei a bug? i really need to know!!
If this is not a bug and its intended, I’m fine with it. But if it’s a bug THEN ITS A BUG THAT HAS BEEN THERE SINCE BETA! It’s also a bug that has been postet on about more than a few times on the forum. How is this not fixed yet ?

This is horrible how could you ever do this to him!?! Fatshark sucks?


Just like every king had his fool so does every online forum and It’s easy to see who that is as you portray yourself rightly as such by your constant useless replies on any and all topics.

I’d advise against making titles like this one. They’re basically clickbait and start the conversation off on the wrong foot.


I fixed the title.

It’s not intended for Gutter Runners to spawn on top of players. Let us know where it happens specifically and we’ll be able to look in to it. For now, this is in the feedback forum as it’s not a bug report.

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Thank you for the reply. Ill do that if and when it accours again.


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