Blightstormer at Convocation of Decay

One sentence: Whoever at Fatshark decided to let a blightstormer spawn at the final objective should lose his job.

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Yea blightstormers are annoying on convo. The casting circle is difficult to see and they sometimes cast trough walls and objects.

Other than that they are fine and should stay, as it’s pretty easy to deal with it other then the issues mentioned.


Are you starting the petition or should I?

But, yeah, probably the main thing that should be tuned. Globs are a big offender too. Spawn high up and far away and pretty much impossible to spot sometimes, unless it’s my settings of course.


Will fatshark do anything about this mission or they don’t care? Blightstormers keep spawning outside of line of shoot completly blocking mission’s progress to be complete. Map is currently broken.

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