Can we talk about BlightStormers?

Blightstormers have consistent issues with casting through walls. I just had a game with 4 blightstormers spawning on enchanter’s lair, so not even a scripted spawn just random spawns, and all of them were casting through walls which eventually ended to us wiping. This is an issue not just on Enchanter’s lair but on a whole range of maps. The special itself is broken and needs a tweak. I’m not certain what’s wrong with the game’s ai but having it spam blightstormers at you that you can’t even kill isn’t fair. Especially when there’s just 3-4 tornadoes going on around you slowly boxing you in until you’re dead. There’s literally nowhere to run on some of these maps as you’re just in a tunnel so if 2 blightstormers cast at either end, welp sorry buy you’re screwed. And the thing is they’ll just cast straight through the walls and then teleport out of your LoS so there’s literally nothing you can do. And this isn’t an isolated incident and I’m certain this doesn’t solely happen to me; a fair amount of my games i’ve wiped just due to the fact that the blightstormers are bugged and it’s beyond frustrating because you know that there’s literally nothing you can do but to just take it in the jaw and hope at least 1 person is alive by the end of it and can survive the wave to get people up.

TL;DR FatShark please fix blightstormer’s teleport and their LoS

Just make a screenshot and post it in the bug section. It is sadly a very common bug.

It’s been reported and acknowledged about a year ago, if not more.

It’s specific to certain spots of some maps, and yea it’s been reported years ago but FS is very slow to fix things sometimes. It’s also possible they’ll never fix it.

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There’s a couple of stained glass windows that behave as if they are open to blightstormers on Enchanter’s Lair.


A couple? lol. When i made my bug report about it i didnt realise how bad it was. There are 14 different walls/windows where it happens and i dont doubt for a moment that there are more.

Those are just the ones you listed in a single map. There are so many more on other levels where this happens so consistently that it often ends my runs (Tower/Trail of Treachery being the notorious two)

I know but fatshark devs who have the job of fixing bugs dont fix them so i stopped reporting them. If you want proof go back through my bug reporting history and you will see almost every single bug i reported on these forums in the game even though its been years.

I can relate to that, I’ve reported so many bugs over time and it feels like 30% or something don’t get fixed for one reason or another. It doesn’t feel like there’s a discernable logic to when they decide to fix something, they’ll usually fix bugs that are recently introduced but sometimes just not and leave it be to either fix it 2 years later or never at all.

Screenshot of my activity on this forum.

Wowzers that’s a lot of bugs you’ve reported, i’m guessing the replies are the ones they’ve acknowledged? Either way, i guess it shows that they’re working on them but depending on how bad some of the bugs are it seems that some high priority ones either slip through the cracks or they literally just cannot fix (assassins i’m looking at you)

The replies are my own posts as replies to a topic (usually someone else’s). But realistically speaking Fatshark has patched like 90% of the reports, it’s just that when they don’t get fixed it feels bad.

Like it took 2 years to fix Bloodshot but Bret SnS PA & Kruber Spear & Shield H2 still being bugged to this day just reeks of neglect.