Blighstormer is kinda broken rn

Lately I have noticed that blightstormers often stay completely out of sight and reach for fairly long periods of time, spamming storms and wiping teams like there´s no tomorrow. It is probably more of an issue on some maps than others, I noticed it being quite prominent on Empire in Flames for example, where they often stay hidden behind buildings that are impossible to see, pass or shoot through. If they stay out of line of sight for say, 30 seconds at a time or so, that´s fine, but if they do for over a minute, that can be some game-breaking stuff. And then if you get another blightstormer, you might not be able to kill him because of the first, hidden blightstormer, and you are totally screwed, getting storms thrown at you constantly and having nowhere to run anymore.

Not only that, but what about the times they cast an insta-storm and thrash you over the borders of a ledge or whatever and gib you? Its so unavoidable sometimes its a joke. Just last night I seen this happen on convocation of decay. I dont mind challenging blightstormer line of sight, but the instant storms in a huge area is ridiculous. I think the design is meant to allow someone to see the storm warning on the floor and a small window to immediately move, but sometimes theres NO window at all! I just take it as a glitch that kills you in game no question about it

Partly also an AI director issue, but the other day on Hunger we had one man standing at the start of the dark section, doing quite well against the horde.

Game then spawns two blightstormers, one of whom instacasted (cutting off the only escape from the first storm) plus a globadier who gassed the vortex area such that the player was dead before he was even flung out. All in 3 seconds or thereabouts.

More funny than anything else TBH, especially as I’m no longer in it for the loot. Blightstormers are hard to balance, because you don’t want it acting like a leech, or being literally unseeable. I can accept the occasional line of sight bug if it can be thought of like they are just in a great position and you need to be careful in that part of that map, but yeah, the warning countdown is a key mechanic and needs to work properly, just like grabber sound cues.

Anyway, I actually think the game should be harder overall, but it needs to chill the F out when there’s one person left. Clutch is the best thing about this game, and its a shame when something literally unwinnable ends someone’s streak in a cheap feeling way.

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