Opinion on the Blightstormer

After spending a few nights on Legend I’ve quickly realized this fat bastard is probably priority number one. No special is as bad a run killer as a Blightstormer and there come some of the problems with him.

Honestly balance concept wise is fine. Damage is fine storm speed is fine, radius feels maybe a little bit big but its honestly fine. My biggest issue with the Bucking Flightstormer is the god damn cast range on his tornado or the “LoS” he requires.

Right now his cast range is nigh infinite. I’ve seen a Stormer cast a storm far enough away I couldn’t even ping him. Which wouldn’t be an issue normally for two big reasons which tie into eachother a bit, and one smaller reason.

Damage falloff plays a big part in the farcasting Blightstormer, you don’t do very much damage to him because he’s so far away, so you say “Okay I’ll just have to shoot him multiple times” Then comes issue number two. His teleportation. He’ll usually cast his storm hang around get tickled by a bullet once then teleport into another map entirely, or just cast it from far away and f*ck off right after. It really doesn’t feel very fair or fun to play against given how strapped you are for resources on Legend. A Blightstormer casting a storm in a tight spot from god knows where is a run ender. One kind of smaller problem is his concept of “LoS” or line of sight for one I think it should be more apparent via the green lines where he’s casting from but the real issue is only having a very small portion of his body poking around a wall to cast a storm, or just casting it from behind a wall all together. Which isn’t specifically an issue with the Blightstormer, more so some buggy map geometry

TLDR Blightstormers balance should be looked at IMO, and his infinite range should be not so infinite. Either that or not teleporting to f*ck knows where after casting the storm.


i like the design of blightstormers.

they’re fat targets, if you get them in your sight before they teleport, they’re sitting ducks.

they will always teleport to the party if they aren’t channeling a whirlwind, so it’s easy to ambush or anticipate them.

also, you can make use of their storm to block off a horde or a patrol, it’s a double edged sword.

i like fighting them personally =)

I feel like blightstormers are a bit of a “luck of the draw” type enemy , sometimes they’re basically impossible to kill for quite a while OR sometimes they’re not too bad to pick off and then on other occasions they literally tp right in the middle of your 4 man team as you all begin to bash his face in , he needs some consistency .

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For most part I think Blightstormers are okay. Maybe the radius is to large and ALL enemies should be affected the same. It can’t be that I get pulled out of a storm by a packrat (either unaffected or ridiculous large grabbing range) and then die. Or getting killed by a Chaos Soldier hitting on me while I can’t defend. And don’t come with them being heavy. I find it hard to believe that my armored Ironbreaker has that much less density than a Chaos Soldier. But most important do something against being hookable while being in a storm. That happened twice already.

The thing I don’t yet understand about Blightstormers is what determines how large his cast radius is? I’ve seen the warning ring be both tiny and huge at both close and far ranges.

I had one sitting on a mountain at the edge of the map, could not see him even when aiming my crosshair right at the animation, saw only the casting animation. He was reaaally far away. Was champion though^^

They already improved him a lot, he used to spawn behind houses and cast through them without ANY way to deal with him (well… except homing stuff). He probably needs only a few little adjustments right now… the special spawns… thats where the magic has to happen.

he still does. Had him teleport INTO A WALL/HOUSE on Righteous stand. You couldn’t even kill him with homing attacks. Besides things like that they also spawn/teleport to roofs where you can’t even see them from any distance or angle. This is the problem I have with blightstormers.


Ye… I already suggested in the 2nd beta that blightstormers should only be able to warp somewhere in line of sight of at least 1 player. Its frustrating and boring if there is no counterplay.
At the moment you simply oneshot him before he warps or risk wiping.