About blightstormer and globaldier

So after 550 hours in game and do only legend for living
70% of the game I got wiped is because of a blightstormer or a globaldier

So I would like to have a nerf to blightstormer cast range because its annoying when he cast from mile away when your comp don’t have a sniper-ranged class( beam staff or long bow), ur pretty much getting zoned by him

And the globadier, the first impact damage should be lower
because the way he toss it is frustrating, the glob will always land on where we stand , not where we stood when it was thrown, and its close to impossible to dodge if he spawn during horde
And even more frustrating when he spawn in front of us out of nowhere already hurl a glob and toss it immediately, no pause, no warning, nothing.


Almost all ranged weapons can hit the blightstormer, doesn’t have to be a sniper. Some like Blunderbuss or Flamestorm can’t… but I don’t think it’s even possible to have a group of 4 put together without at least one ranged option that can reach that far. Yeah it’s challenging when he’s far away, but… well, that’s the point?

The globe doesn’t track you when you move but I think sometimes the globadier will “lead” you when he throws so it’s good to change direction right when he throws. Yeah it is pretty dang tough to do when during a horde, but that’s why positioning and communication with your team are so important. gotta have someone take him out before he can throw, or have everyone start shoving and moving in the same direction to get out of the way.

Don’t get me wrong I know these specials are challenging, but you are playing on Legend difficulty, the description says that everything is ridiculous, enemies are ridiculously strong and have ridiculous amounts of health and there’s ridiculous amounts of them. It’s supposed to be hard AF.

They are so easy. Most of the time, unless I’m fighting a boss or something I will purposefully not kill them. You can avoid their AOE by moving and dodging constantly. Since they friendly fire the enemies they can actually assist you. The flame rats are my favourite because they are not only easy to dodge, but they set everything on fire for you.

A lot of people have this habit of just standing in one place and fighting every enemy which leads to them getting rekt by aoe attacks, especially poison. If you keep moving they will constantly miss.

They’re not quite as bad, their is the casting it from like a football field away. The attack is nasty, but usually very dodgable and you can move away from it fairly easy.

Gas Rats, they are far worse than they were in V1. Worse… they can throw from practically two football fields away and you can’t even see them to ping them or target them half the time. in V1 you could get a Talisman for 60% damage resist against Gas Rats… here you’re limited to a whopping 10% from Area Damage.

And Gas Rats are seriously overdone. Especially because the engine is dual spawning again in Legend and Champion… and out of whack and buggy again. So it will spawn two continuously bombing gas rats making it pretty hard to get out of any Gas Clouds when they cover the entire area.

It’s not a nerf, it’s a fix… Stormer and globadier are wrong enemies. Spawn off map /off view and just hit us.

Yeah don’t get me wrong here,

I actually agree with you, their range needs to seriously be shortened.

EDIT: at the very least if they start at shorter range somewhere you can see them and you can shoot them first before they do their thing… then its your fault for not getting them first… but spawning out of range behind things with the arm of Tom Brady… yeah that’s where its out of hand.


IMO they are fine. As it has already been said, you can easily move out of the effect.

Most damage I generally see from them happens when teams INSIST on holding a position and a well positioned globadier/stormer appears. A few rarer instances when the stormer pushes players against a CW patrol, but still avoidable if done early.

What I’d like would be to reduce the burst damage they do from glancing hits. The stormer has already been nerfed from the vacuum he created in beta, but the globadier could be less damaging when just half-stepping in the goo.
It’s terribly annoying when the ground is cluttered and a misstep causes 1/3hp loss.
Another possible option would be that DOT damage taken could actually be subtracted in the form of temporary health so that, as an example, instead of losing 50hp from being spinned you lost 30hp directly and 20hp would be reduced to temporary health and slowly ticking away.

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Yeah, Gas Rats are the worst in this game. Especially on legend. They wiped the majority of runs I had. Biggest problem is, that you cant even reach them sometimes, or they doublespawn while you are in the mid of a horde, so you cant even switch to your range weapon to kill them.
But instead of nerfing their damage, i would like to see a change of the mechanic how the “Gas-Glob” works (the thing he throws).
So remove the initial damage of the glob when it hits the ground, so just the poison cloud pops up. And then after a second or so it starts to deal damage. Make the intervall of ticks shorter than it is now and the more “ticks” you get, the more damage the poison does to you (some kind of “stacking-debuff”) and let the debuff have an uptime for ~20-30 seconds. Also let it throw his balls more often and increase the area of the “Gas-Cloud” a bit.
So you would eliminate the unfainess of the initial damage that it has sometimes, while they are still dangerous, when you are too slow to kill them.

Blightstormers are fine to me. Never had really big problems with them. But maybe its because i main the elf and make him my first target when the storm spawns.

Thats all good and nice until they spawn behind rocks on skittergate key-staff arena and, casting out of vision, while boss owning you and you have to watch out about that gutter runner sneaking in the shadows. Also casting storm from big range would show indicating green circle so big, so you will be probably inside of it, and seeing this green particles effect, unable to track down even from which direction he casting.

save 2 concentration potions for the stunner in your group. start stunlocking him down as he begins to turn into a chaos spawn. the highest wipe probably of that map is when you just try to wing that boss, because when he turns, the gates open, specials start pouring in.

if you’re not prepared for that boss on skittergate, prepare to wipe

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I mean, that only one of many situations. Wave coming from the corner, and stormer casting under your arse from the corner. Bless rng for Trueshot Volley or Burning Head to hit him, if you even lucky to have WW or Pyro

Blighstormers :cloud_with_lightning::nurgle: should always keep line of sight with their storm, they shouldnt be able to teleport while they are channeling and damaging them should interrupt the storm.

  • They are easy to stop, you see where the spell will land, you see where they are casting it from.
    But they can often cast from places you cant reach (through walls, outside of the map).
    Then they can simply teleport, again on completely unreachable place.

  • Keeping line of sight with their storm will prevent them from leaving the map, they wont be able to cast it from unreachable place and simply move away.

  • They shouldnt be able to teleport, again to prevent them from completely leaving the map, leech also wont go away mid channeling, they should be focusing on the spell.

Even if you can’t see the stormer or he is out of reach, you still have several seconds to reposition and use the storm to your advantage by pushing or kiting enemies into it. A nice storm can really save your Bacon if you use it.

If you’re pinned down by a horde and can’t move, well the storm will fix that too and give you another chance at better positioning :smiley:

Said it before: The spitter in L4D2 has the perfect design for an area denial special like that: spit creeps out from initial point of impact slowly over time, deals little initials damage, deals more damage the longer you stand in it. That makes it a skill based challenge rather than “lul take this unavoidable damage”. If you take so much inspiration from L4D, why not copy the things that work.

(and yes, if you pay close attention, the globes do change trajectory at some point mid flight, probably at the peak. The AI sure as hell cannot lead the throw).

I’ve stopped having issues with them ever since using my mic more and abusing the gas/storm to draw enemies into, they work well as incidental allies - I do agree that the globe in mid-air should hurt less however, though I can’t speak for the gas itself.

I’d be happy with any combination of reduced impact/initial damage, better/earlier warnings (I often don’t get the “gas” warning until milliseconds before impact), reduced globadier aim and throw distance (this really needs to happen as they throw well behind what would be considered possible and they have sniper-like precision), or LOS should be required. With the double spawns right now, their potential to near instantly down groups at 50-100% health is way too abusive.

I think the globadier’s biggest issue is that it abuses the line of sight bug HARD. It will probably be a balanced enemy when they fix it throwing from places you can’t even see, their throw distance is perfectly fine on its own. The blightstormer on the other hand, is able to spawn storms from farther away than you can even ping them, which just seems silly to me, I think their range needs to be slightly reduced so you can at least point them out to your team’s sniper.

They used to throw slower in VT1 from what I recall, they throw a lot faster now and when they spawn double they can ruin your day if not dealt with or if the gas falls on unlucky spots / isn’t abused for killing enemies with. I think fixing map LOS (walls not being walls for ranged weapons) and slowing their throwing-speed would already do a lot.

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I think that initial tick of damage is too extreme as well and would like to see that toned down to be in line with where it’s at in vt1.

i like them as they currently are now. it makes for interesting gameplay! you gotta find or wait for them, they’re dangerous.

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