Please Nerf

Please NERF BLIGHTSTORMER AND BLACKRATS ON the Legend Lever,they are so broken,Mage is spawning each 1 minute and Blackrat dmg is bigger than even Lords Damage


“needs-more-info” tag anyone?



Which level?


Mkay you may want to start again and go bit more into detail what you think is wrong with black rats and stormers instead of just rambling about them being broken level without any context.


They aren’t a great problem… but sometimes Blightstormers cast the vortex when they are out-map. And maybe shielded SVs are a little boring to fight.

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Keep in mind these are the two most frustrating enemies for a new person, so I see where OP is coming from…

was something patched up in the last month?

Sure but its hard to help and give pointers when the op is literal non sense atm. Honestly not expecting to see the person again but if he does i’m more than willing to help him out a bit since those enemies really are not that difficult once you understand them.

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I think the game is reasonably easy to complete on Legend right now. I would suggest that you try to prioritise elite/special enemies when you are playing in a party. I complete 9/10 legend quickplay matches that start from the beginning.

Try using Saltzpyre Zealot with brace pistols with sword and axe as he is very good when it comes to eliminating every enemy type, I’m almost tempted to say he is meta.

If all else fails, repetition is the mother of skill. :upside_down_face:

That pesky Legend Lever. It’s just too hard to pull sometimes.


I agree with you wholeheartedly. Just posted that to try to stave off a wave of “git gud” posts and “What are you talking about, this game is EASY!” style answers, and a reminder that this game is different for those who haven’t been playing for 500 hours…

I’m still curious to know what the post is actually about.


OP is having trouble with Blightstormers and Stormvermin on Legendary difficulty and came here to vent.

Thats basically it.

There is a much higher frustration trigger when you get an overhead from a single lone SV and get downed than in Champion, but that level of frustration is amplified when a little nappy-rat stabs you and downs you purely because he’s on his own. This is some mechanic I think is completely shitty.

First off: welcome to the VT2 forums! Glad to have you.

Without some more information on exactly what needs nerfing, I suggest three tactics to deal with Blight-Stormers:

  • Have someone in the party with a pinpoint-accurate ranged-weapon so you can hit a Stormer at any range. Waystalker, Bounty Hunter, Huntsman, Ranger Veteran, and Pyromancer are all great careers for this. Cover whoever has this weapon to ensure they can always disengage from melee to knock out priority targets
  • Be close enough together to hit the same person, but never on top of one another. If you are even a little spread out, no two people will be under the same amount of duress; someone is bound to have only 1-5 assailants, making them easy to disengage from
  • Fight on the move. Voice-Comms help with this, but try to direct your allies to fight the horde and also push forward/back to a point via dodging/blocking; this helps avoid storms that you can’t get rid of

For Storm-Vermin:

  • Have an armor-piercing weapon in every arsenal. Hordes aren’t a problem if you dance around them, but elites are a nightmare. Knock them out as soon as possible!
  • Aim for the head. It’s a rather gaudy target and deals massively more damage.
  • Do not stand on an ally; spread the enemies out and time your dodges/blocks for specific attacks. If you are only facing 3 at a time, you can easily pick and choose which attacks to dodge and block, fitting a power attack/ranged weapon headshot in between their swings
  • Hit them from behind! Once yours are clear, go kill the ones on your teammates

I think is right. The difference of damage between black rats and lords is basically 0. We need a change, we need lords make more damage. Obviously black rats are fine as they are

I don’t have a problem with SV being able to 1HK you with an overhead, it makes them more of a danger, especially when you’re fighting a wall of them, as it should be.

Bosses have way more HP than SV so they’re hardly comparable. Atm bosses go down a bit too quickly for my liking, and could maybe use more CC moves to make it harder for the players. Most people on Legend know when/how to dodge and kite them so new moves would probably make them harder than merely buffing their damage. They’re not meant to be fought the same way you fight armoured enemies imo, the boss is the wrecking ball (or should be) and the SV/CWs are the precision drills.

Honestly, even as someone who finds live Legend easy, this I can agree with. With 2 grims on a squishy character I’m paranoid whenever I have a ranged weapon out because one of the little bastards might appear out of nowhere and prison shank you, I’ve always got a finger on the dodge key and both ears open.

The worst offender is when you run in to help your buddies in the middle of a horde and the slaverat still gets the damage boost because he’s the only one actively targeting you.

I’m not a fan of the mechanic even if it does increase the difficulty, I’d rather have the difficulty increased elsewhere to compensate for its absence. I didn’t notice it in WoM so I’m thinking it’s getting removed, but I might’ve just been lucky - nowadays I’m used to watching out for it so it doesn’t happen to me too much.

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Well, the lords have a vastly higher damage potential on every attack, but not as much damage to a single target. Bödvarr has the ability to smash the ground and nuke everyone within 2 & 1/2 kilometers of him for 50% of their health unless you block/avoid it. Just because it doesn’t kill you as quickly doesn’t mean that Bödvarr can’t do more damage per swing.

@Drakonhammer and @Argonaut14, I’m not going to say that I disagree with you because I have no fondness for the mechanic but I also won’t say I agree with you. The point of taking 2 grims is that you should always be a hit from death; any less and there’s no threat because you’ll just shore up any damage taken with temp-HP. Hits on a character must have a way to KO them or whittle them down, otherwise it’s like the hit never happened in the first place. In the event of it’s absence, how would you curve the difficulty to match it? Wanting it gone is one thing, wanting it replaced requires us to try to craft a solution.

I do, however, agree that bosses need some kind of padding. Bödvarr’s ground-smash-and-summon phases are great because it really reduces your options when fighting him! I’d also love to see monsters deploy a near-instant attack that punts everyone away from them; it further discourages cliff-fighting and I’d love to see them recover from it fast enough to be onto a player again before anyone bats an eye.

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I would agree with this sentiment if not for the fact that the game has a habit of spawning random slaverats 2cm behind you when you’re playing ranged and it already takes more care to snipe/switch well than it does to run in and just go ham in melee.

For compensating the difficultly, I’d be okay with less healing supplies and/or a THP rebalance/nerf. Or hell, even the AI director being more of an ass.

Honestly my problem with it isn’t that you’re a OHK, it’s that it’s inconsistent - sometimes it takes one slaverat stab to down you, other times it take 7. That irks me. I like SV overheads as you know if you eat one you’re dead either way, whether or not his buddies decided to target you at that moment.

In the mean time they could always replace the slaverat that would spawn behind you while playing ranged with eg a halberd SV, then it at least feels fair getting downed to that halberd to the head.

Again, the problem is the mechanic is inconsistent and thereby feels unfair. Getting one hit by a SV halberd is consistent and thus feels fair, even though the outcome is the same.

I wasn’t even thinking instants, more like big windup moves where you know if you don’t back off you’re going to get knocked down and the trash will devour you. It’d force you to change up your movement style during a horde rather than treating the a boss as a glorified horde member.

Bosses do need other moves available in 1v4 though, along with being less squishy again, but that’s a discussion we had already in another thread.

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If I am not mistaken, slaverats (or trash generally) get a damage debuff the more are around you or something.

Aye, although it’s based on how many are targeting you.

How many are around you isn’t taken into account.

When I first played Sienna on Legend I often would find myself getting nuked by a slaverat after going into melee while waiting for my heat to degen whenever only one turned to target me and the rest stayed on my friends.