Regarding Bosses

I believe that Burblespue, Rasknitt and Skarrik should be nerfed a lot. The reason for this is realy clear, it creates a big inconsisteny and imbalance between levels which leads to the same thing you guys from Fatshark aimed to remove since V1: people wont play these levels when they can just play easier maps. These bosses are unbeatable on legend with grims. Their HP is just too damn high. Burblespue is just straight up overpoverd and without a way to counter on legend. Skarrik is just a HP sponge with infinite spawns and the worst thing is - your dead teammates wont spawn in the arena. I am not saying they are unbeatable on legend, but they are nearly impossible to beat with grims and even without. On the other hand you have Bodvarr, who is a joke realy. He just gets staggered and has a lot less HP than burblespue, which makes little sense since he is a chaos chosen. He could use a buff.
TL,DR: Nerf Burblespue, Skarrik and Rasknitt as their missions wont be played on legend, if they are close to impossible.

These three bosses are actually being avoided in Veteran…
The Rat General in the Moria mines is fine. The only thing that bugs me about him is the range of the spear. It clearly doesn’t match the model. Either reduce the reach or give him a bigger lance that matches said reach.
Burblespue is a PitA, and it’s sad because the level leading to him is awesome. He’s just not fun to play against, with the fast as hell venom doubles that he spits in all directions and his incredibly high HP.
And the final boss has a problem that is common to Burblespue: Mob spawns.
I honestly don’t get this. You create an awesome big boss and set up an arena to fight it only to distract the player with shitty mobs? Let us concentrate on the boss! That’s what the fight is about!
Plus, with the fight lasting SO long due to the insane amount of HP on the bosses, more and more mobs spawn.
In the end, when people hit QP to either have some fun or get some Loot/XP, the bosses are avoided because they are not fun and they wipe easily.
I think the OP is right about the extreme imbalance between the bosses and the levels leading to them. They need to be toned down and the other bosses toned up a bit. The Chaos Warrior that throws axes at you (don’t ask me to remember these guys names) is in a fine position. He is fun to play against and, if you are not careful, he can destroy you.


I don’t know about nerfing them; they ARE bosses after all, it only makes sense that they be more of a challenge than the regular rank and file.

However, boss missions should have better rewards to suit the increased difficulty. Maybe just make them award lootboxes with a max hero power of 100 higher than whatever is normal for the difficulty you’re playing on; or maybe give lootboxes with a higher chance of rare loot.

One thing I’d like to see for Burblespue: You Should be able to stagger/Stun him using bombs and Krubers Charge. You can stun EVERY OTHER ENEMY, that includes Stormfiends, trolls, Chaos Champions and chaosspawns… but not that teleporting, fat, slob…

Rasknitt: Unlike other bosses, in my opinion, he shouldn’t be such a damage sponge. You first fight him on his Stormfiend anyway, so I’d suggest that Rasknitt himself should have less health. Maybe he could use his magic shield to reduce incoming damage, but if he gets staggered or is just about to teleport he has to drop it.

Or atleast less Rattlings, Globadiers and Plague Monks in the battle…

The last time we defeated Rasknitt, on vet, he took himself out by teleporting to far and falling into the abyss… it was amusing :stuck_out_tongue:


i just dont understand the point of them , are their levels shorter or easier? do you get a bonus for taking the risk?
not from what i can tell , its do it once for achievement and then just skip if you get one (well ill do war camp the stormvermin boss thingy one , but burble and the hundred mile run of skinnergate hard pass for me.

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To be honest, I would change approach if you would get more after beating the boss map, compered to the other maps. Like: always emperors chest, or just 2 chests instead of 1 on normal rules. So we would have a reason to try to play this maps. These are bosses, so they supposed to be harded, but you also supposed to get more then playing easier maps.

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Exactly, on legend even the stormvermin boss is not worth doing. He constantly spawns stormvermin with shields and rats, his HP is probably the highest in game, and your fallen mates dont respawn in the arena but at the end of the level. I think this is a big issue since these bossfights have awesome concept and the boss missions are great. Its just the overpowered bosses that ruin it.

I doubt they will give 2 chests for completing a mission. On legend it would still be not worth doing, even for 2 chests since its hard AF. I believe that the bosses should indeed be nerfed, to match the difficulty of other missions.

+1 for good design, kappa.

I only agree with Burblespue, it’s poison thing is just too hard to avoid with all the trash that spawns at the same time. It’s absolute chaos! I’d be happy for someone to break down the tactics for it for champion+ level.

The other 2 end chapter bosses are GREAT!

The mechanics for both these are manageable and possible to do without taken ANY damage, if you just play it right. They are no harder than boss fights you would get from a MMO dungeon, which this game practically is.

As i said, the bosses are beatable even on legend… but they are not worth beating, since they take too long to kill and present great risk. So the bossfight missions are not worth doing (at least not on legend). I too like their mechanics (except burblespue), but that doesnt change the fact that it is much easier to beat other missions, thus creating inconsistency.


Its one way or another. Give more rewards for finishing so it is worth trying, or just make them a little easier (exept the 3rd boss in the arena he is totally fine, but still no worth playing compared to the other maps).

War Camp Champion is fine and teaches you how important guard is.
Rat Warlord has crazy reach on his weapons but it fun to do.
Pox mage no opinion…played him 3 times
Skittergate is fu awful, level leading to boss fight is one of my fav but boss fight is pain in ass.
HP sponge fight with lots of spawns plus bunch of special…not fun in one bit.
I will skip any Skitergate no matter the difficulty, cuz its waste of time 9/10