Buff to Skarrik Spinemanglr

Please buff this guy, i can’t remember a run in which this guy survived longer than 30 seconds max (on legend) and even 30 seconds is more than usual. There are way to many careers which can kill him in a few hits with their abilities

In vermintide 1 chieftain krench was amazing to fight, i would love if you make him more like his cooler predecessor :slight_smile:


Sympathy for Skarrik - #12 by Saryk :blush:


It could help if the adds drop down a few seconds before him to alleviate the burst dmg he takes and overall making the fight last longer or having him retreat to safety during certain hp thresholds where you fight more adds would make it more enjoyable.

Buff Ribspreader, the gate keeper, and Halescrouge too.

Those bosses get wiped out so easily compared to Nurgloth.

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He definitely could use more HP and damage. Also Bodvar deserves a little HP buff too. Though I would say Nurgloth is not a good example of balancing. Invulnerability time + bloated amount of HP is meh. I’d rather fight his final form for the whole fight.

This is less an issue of the bosses and more an issue of the boss killer role(which is it really an issue then?). If you buff the bosses you make things awful for comps that happen to not get a boss killer or at least high dps role in them.

Nurgloth has 2 safe/easy phases for 2/3rds of his hp. If they follow that model I could get behind buffing the bosses. Just adding more hp to the current ones could make it a slog otherwise though.

And Halescourge right now is fine hp-wise. It’s a pretty anti-melee fight with lots of undodgeable damage.

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In a solo context without stealth Skarrik is quite formidable. I’d suggest, alongside making Skarrik take less damage/more health/whatever works to make it less squishy, to also make Skarrik immune/resistant to damage from the players it’s not focusing on. This doesn’t make sense realism-wise, but could be fun. Could also throw out the phase where it stands in a corner shouting, or at least give it more adds and some shielded SV.

Edit: Having shielded SV surround Skarrik while summoning more adds could work well.

That’s the reason I love Nurgloth, nothing scarier than knowing your run might end when you fight him.


Halescrouge should not be buffed, he is basically just a teleporting sponge that squeezes out acid. Giving him more damage or health wont make him more fun to fight.

IMO he´s never been a fun fight after the first time, everyone knows exactly what he´s doing and the only surprise he can throw out is sometime spawning chaos warriors into the area.

Kinda like how rasknit´s second phase is also hella stale, the team splits into 4 corners and just camps him to death, and making him stagger resistant or boosting his damage or health would not fix that.

Similarly the gatekeeper…is just a bodvarr copy without the adds but he morphs into a generic spawn after a while. Jacking upp stats wont make it more fun.

They´d need full on reworks.

Bodvarr could however be a bit more fun with even higher speed and/or damage here or there.

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I think the beggest issue with skarrik and also the gatekeeper is that there are no ads. Thus all 4 players can and will put these bosses into a world of pain. You notice this more on skarrik since he has so low hp that at least 2/3 of his hp are gone before the ads come in whanever there is a shade/ grail knight/ bounty hunter/ huntsman/ pyromancer/ or just 4 players with potions

So simply buff his hp a little bit or give him super armor, or spawn the ads while he is holding his speech (a combination of these would be the best in my opinion)

Well the gatekeeper could also need some ads but since he is no real boss enemy i have not so much problems with him (well i still think any regular rat ogre is worse than him, since there spawns usually a wave in coombination)

On a side note i think boss phases are a good thing also to counter these almost insta kills. Think about trolls they got a buff with some immortality standing up animations because these guys got deleted immediately before. This made them way stronger without buffing any numbers

I find the boss fights, even poor Skarrik become very different without the ubiquitous Shade/Bounty Hunter/Grail Knight being chain fed conc’ potions.

There’s a whole thread about this poor fella getting kicked in.

He’s just a punching bag who gets wtfpwned in seconds.


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