Skarrik Spinemanglr needs help

Our boy just gets bullied, even in cataclysm he just falls over and dies way too easily

Can we get some help for our resident Skaven Warlord?


GK really doesn’t like him either.

My friend killed Skarrik before we had even swept up the adds on Cata. He did drink a grape juice though.

I find rats in general really weak tbh. The pace of the maps is completely different now that you don’t get Beastmen. It feels really bad, when you have people who can one-shot most things, as all you get left with is little rats that are barely a threat.

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Yeah, he truly is pathetic. Gets killed before he even stands up from his jump down. I’d like it if all Helmgart lords got a makeover similar to Nurgloth (maybe not as tough). Same with the stormfiend honestly, doesn’t make sense how from a lore perspective it’s a killing machine, how our heroes comment numerous times how deadly it is, and the fact that it’s straight up a kitted out rat ogre, yet it’s the weakest monster in the game.


Give him all the plague monk spawns that are missing from Fort Buttercorn.

Or go full evil and add disablers.


That wouldn’t save him at all from getting killed in 3 seconds, though.

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Maybe Skarrik could (aside from just playing with numbers) get a shield along with his halberd to help out his initial phase and a damage immunity whilst jump and landing with a knock back on impact (would make it feel more powerfull aswell). I would waive elite adds therefore in the first phase but add a second phase with incomming elites and fog/dust flooding the arena (view for player smth between true darkness and the pit event) making Skarrik losing tags fast and let him switch to his daggers (means he drops the shield) to fast attack the players as a last desperate act.

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Strap plague monks to him! They ree when you get too close!!

Also up his health and shorten the time span of his stages so he’s more mobile, shorten the wind up of his halberd swing, make his charges aggressive, and make his adds more dangerous.